Praying encourages passivity, for people and for organizations. It harms both.

We who don't pray know that praying for relief from problems encourages passivity.

The reverse is true as well. Passive people, who feel powerless, rely on prayer.

Decades of experience in organizations has persuaded me it's true there as well.

The passive members in an organization depend on leaders to do the work.

When workaholic leaders do that work, they encourage passivity in their members, weaken the organization, and increase their control. Like alcoholics, workaholic have to hit a bottom, perhaps a heart attack, before they admit their problem.

What's your view of the above?

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Total agreement.  Praying is an impotent exercise in wishful thinking.  It requires no real effort, as opposed to taking action to accomplish what the prayer is supposed to (and won't).  Relying on prayer amounts to relying on chance as a means to an end, about as foolish an attitude as I can think of.

This has been posted on Nexus before:

You are absolutely right.  Prayer encourages passivity, magical thinking, denial of reality, and does nothing for the prayee.

On Austin Cline's Blog:  Prayer is selfishness.

If people are praying, in that moment they are not thinking about what they can do in the situation, not using their praying hands to make a sandwich, and not building a tornado shelter or bringing clothes to the volunteer station.  Most likely, they brought donations to the church where they pray, so their religious leaders can politic.  

I don't agree that "passive members of an organization depend on leaders to do the work".  In the organizations I have  known, the leaders sit around tables in endless meetings, finding who they can scapegoat for their failures, ways to take credit for others' work, and thinking of ways to make their subordinates work harder, and generally kissing each others asses. 

Yeah, don't pray for me; make me a sandwich.

A few weeks ago, after months of advising a club's workaholic president to delegate some of the work, I lost it and told him, "All right, go ahead and have your heart attack."

He looked surprised but he still doesn't delegate, even the work he lets slide.

That's why the word: "oxymoron" was invented, Melinda!

And people hold on to contradictions long after they've stopped being pimply teenagers who think they know everything!




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