Wow! Funny, creepy thing just happened to me. My children and I went to look over 8 acres that our family is buying to build a home on. I was trying to find the back property line (it's kind of grown up with underbrush). Anyway, I knocked on the door of the next home up the lane. A disheveled, unfriendly woman poked her head out. I very politely told her we were looking at the property next door and wondered  if she knew where her property line went to (ours would be the same distance). She rudely told me no so I thanked her and turned to leave. She piped up then that her husband had been walking all over that land for a very long time and praying all over it that god would let him be able to buy it to build a church.

Yikes! Not only no church but the goddamned atheists are moving in! I just said "Ok, thanks" and left.  My kids and I decided it would be funny to place rocks in the shape of a pentagrams all over the place (we won't). Lol.....I just found this whole thing funny and thought I'd share.


Praying all over land! Whoever heard such a stupid thing ☺ Not only was god not listening, well the atheists are coming, the atheists are coming!

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Yea, you might want to think twice about moving there!

We'll be putting in a pool so there will for sure be a fence, lol! We're also not cutting down any more trees than necessary.

It really is creepy how some peoples minds work. I can just picture this man walking all over this land and praying outloud and asking for blessings. I'm curious what he said/thought when she told him it sold.....

It sounds like you're going to have a problem with trespassers.  Not only trespassers, but crazy trespassers.
That guy probably feels that since he has walked all over it for awhile that he may have a right to it. If they're pretty old, don't worry about it. She set the tone, how religious of her. That's exciting stuff, 8 acres, wow. You handled yourself well. I hope it all works out. I have a demented side to me; i like to go up against old grumps like that. They try to scare me, and i just laugh. Bring it. A friend of mine had a similar problem, and set up a camera. When he got footage of them peeking over the fence, he took a snapshot of it, and sent it to them. Everything stopped. He may have been very lucky on that one.
Forget the pentagrams, just build a temple to the Flying Spaghetto Monster.
Reminds me of the movie Jesus Camp when they are praying over the seats, the microphone, the powerpoint presentation, etc.  It's amazing that there are people that actually believe this crap.

Oh give me a home,

Where no clergy roam,

And no televangelists pray.

Where seldom is heard,

A canonical word,

And reason is king every day.


(music by Daniel E. Kelley. Lyrics by Hugh Kramer)

Ha! You go Hugh!

Loving all these replies. I've had a few good laughs from them. Got the song stuck in my head Hugh, love it!

I'm not worried about them hurting us or bothering us. I think she was just mad because we bought the land. Backwood, redneck, xians can be so weird! 

PS. I was thinking that since he'd been praying over/on it for "years" it may be time to give it up....especially since god sent him a family of atheists instead of a pile of money. Bwahahahaha.

Instead of a pentagram maybe something more subtle so they would have to ask someone.  Like a nice scarlet A on the mailbox.




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