Trump crossed the dictator line tonight. He called out the American military against peacefully protesting American citizens. He's asserting the right to do this everywhere in the US, without needing governors to request military intervention, if governors don't fully deploy their national guards in a military offensive against people protesting.

If you missed it on the news. Trump delivers horrifying White House address as police unleash on ...

"... the administration seems to be largely ignoring the extent to which police misconduct and right-wing agitators are playing their roles in stoking conflict."

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I just commented on Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist website that we are likely not far away from Trump's declaring martial law, in the face of violence that he is largely responsible for seeding.  It is getting ready to get VERY dodgy out there, Ruth ... and I am more than a little disturbed about it.

Indeed! "Imagine, just for a moment, if another leader in another country held up a Qur’an after using chemicals to clear the streets of his political opponents." Thanks for the link.

Will Bunch is one of many newspaper editors who called him out: "The president of the United States declared war on America on Monday night" (Philadelphia Inquirer)

(Clearing and blocking cookies from the site can help circumvent their "n free articles" limits.)

About the disappearance of those multiple ranks of riot geared military surrounding the White House.

"Late Friday, Secretary of Defense Esper disarmed the National Guard doing riot duty in Washington, ordering them to turn in their weapons and ammunition. He also ordered all active duty troops amassed outside the capital earlier in the week by the White House to be sent home. He issued both orders without consulting the White House." [emphasis mine]

We are witnessing the birth of a movement — and the downfall of a p...

It WOULD be the downfall of a president If He Could Be Held To Account!!! As things are, and particularly with Moscow Mitch McConnell and Billy "The Kid" Barr backing Trump's every play, there is little to no chance of Trump being pulled up short between here and November 3rd, and even then, we have to deal with the interregnum between him and Biden, which is liable to be just as bad if not worse.

A recent pro-Trump ad calls him a bull in a china shop. They have no idea how accurate that statement is.

That's a pro-Trump ad? What were they thinking?!

They think it's a compliment, because he's not "business-as-usual," and he isn't.  Trump is chaos-as-unusual, and while his style might be novel to those who support him, it's still in no way constructive, which they fail to see.




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