According to MSNBC on Thursday evening, the White House Drama is escalating.

Trump's explanations are beyond my ability to explain. Tune in and see what you can make of them.

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There are now reports of 18 previously undisclosed contacts between the Trump team and Russia. If the NSA doesn't know of these contacts, who are the NSA surveilling?
"Dense" describes him well, Lilac. Even the look on his face.

The only good thing about New Apostolic Reformationist Dense is the fact that he might be a little more presidential. I doubt he would be tweeting nonsense at 3 AM. He would be very active in wanting to merge church and state in every way, however.

As for poor Orange Donny, he now says that nobody has been persecuted as much as he. The claim is that this is a grand stand witch hunt and Obama and Clinton never went through anything like this. Oh, poor Donny. He forgets a prosecutor named Starr and the "semen stained dress" and how they went through this again, and again, and again. It was plain that they would never get any more info but they drug it out anyway, and at great expense. Poor lying Donny also has a poor memory.

Nixon went out this way, but being an attorney he knew it was best to resign. He would keep his pension and Ford would pardon him later. Donny the Clown would tweet it to death. He might blame the 3 million illegals, or the 3 million fat women. He could blame Rosie or Megan Kelly. Maybe even the Khan family. The problems here are that all of his supporters would still support him. Donny wants to do it "his way" and his supporters would claim he had no chance because we would not let him do his job.

A friend of mine is a Drumpf supporter and I got him to admit that the man is not very presidential. Another supporter that I know claims it is OK for the man to have loans and business dealing with Russia.

NO IT IS NOT. Go back to school and take government 101.

If the Republicans think that getting R. J. Rush-Dense-y in there is going to ease off the pressure on them, they can think again.  All it took for me was Aron Ra pointing out Pence's ridiculous speech in front of the House of Representatives where he wanted evolution to be treated as "only a theory" for me to recognize him as the Dominionist piece of shit that he is.

If Mikey makes it to the White House, expect the Freedom From Religion Foundation, American Atheists, and the ACLU all over his case like white on rice ... and that's likely the short list.

Loren, I love that Aron talk. What he also uses in it still boggles my mind on how some people make it through college. And, yes I have also read on how many colleges are about self-esteem than critical thinking.

Lilac, it does sometimes look bad. My dad tried Catholicism's tyranny so I find it easy to remember that Winston Churchill said democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other kinds we humans have tried.

Though I'm trying to resist, in the end I think money will crush democracy and corporations crush human beings. The law suit of Resolute Forest Products against Greenpeace is one assault of many destroying free speech for example. It's not just the GOP.

And the US order of succession is more scary and depressing than words can tell.

 Here's the order of succession, should the President be removed from office:

1. Vice President of the United States-Mike Pence
2. Speaker of the House-Paul Ryan
3. President pro tempore of the Senate-Orrin Hatch
4. Secretary of State-Rex Tillerson
5. Secretary of the Treasury-Steven Mnuchin
6. Secretary of Defense-Jim Mattis
7. Attorney General-Jeff Sessions
8. Secretary of the Interior-Ryan Zinke
9. Secretary of Agriculture-Sonny Perdue
10. Secretary of Labor-Alexander Acosta
11. Secretary of Health and Human Services-Tom Price
12. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development-Ben Carson
13. Secretary of Transportation-Elaine Chao
14. Secretary of Energy-Rick Perry
15. Secretary of Education-Betsy DeVos
16. Secretary of Veterans Affairs-David Shulkin
17. Secretary of Homeland Security-John Kelly

Lilac. on my travels between idealism and cynicism, I slow down near realism to look at the scenery.

. . .

Hm-mm, someone going at warp speed just passed me. I'm not sure which direction.

Lilac, Frump and Dense are there.
If Pence were president, the entire Republican dream agenda would sail through Congress in like three weeks.

Doug Henwood

Ruth, I have for decades followed church-state news and have seen nothing about Doug Henwood. I googled his name and found nothing relevant. What has he done? Is his opinion more reliable than a coin toss?

I quoted him, not because I trust his reputation (I don't know him), but because that's my opinion as well. I imagine that the public has Trump-fatigue and will act as if the "crisis" is over and the US has returned to normal if the GOP uses the 25th amendment. Public willfull ignorance will last, I think, long enough for the GOP to push through everything they need to harden this into a fascist oligarchy. Once people can be killed for protest, as in many other countries, and both police and courts owe allegiance to the police state rather than the public, things will get bad indeed.




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