According to MSNBC on Thursday evening, the White House Drama is escalating.

Trump's explanations are beyond my ability to explain. Tune in and see what you can make of them.

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Ruth, only religion stirs as much pessimism.

With lies it tells us that collectively we are the pinnacle of creation and individually, because non-humans don't sin, we are at the bottom.

The disease spread by religion's lies is powerlessness.

Doug Henwood has ZERO knowledge of the attempts to join church and state that have been defeated

1. in legislative committees

2. if they survive committees, in legislatures,

3. if they survive legislatures and are signed by governors, in courts.

He is hopelessly ignorant AND POWERLESS, and he is spreading his hopelessness and powerlessness.

And for reasons you know and I don't know, you bought into them and are spreading them.

"Impeaching Trump means Mike Pence will be president. It's like beating cancer and then finding out you have aids."

Danny Bevins

I found this quote on Facebook.

Not quite, Michael.

Pence has said he is xian, Republican and American in that order but he needs to pander. A Dominionist, perhaps, but he's not an ignorant, thin-skinned narcissist.

PS. More than finding it on FB, you probably don't believe all you see on FB.

Facebook is a joke, Tom. I posted Danny Bevins' words because they are funny and also likely true in the sense of how we are still screwed with Pence.




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