Here are photos from Portland Pride 2012.  If you attend a pride event in you area, it would be great to see some photos of your event!


Sorry about the pic quality - cheap camera, unsteady hands.



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Thanks for the pics.

Lesbian and Gay Bands of America marched in Obama's Inaugural parade. Members were there from almost all of the bands that belong to the organization.

Great pics!!!

Lesbian and Gay Band Association marched in Obama's Inaugural Parade. Members were there from almost all the bands represented by the organization.

Great pics BTW!

I hope they will march in his next inaugural parade too!  Thanks!

Yes, you are correct.  Thanks for the clarification.  I couldn't attend because of work.  Chicago was well represented and I was very proud.   

Love the Raging Grannies... lol

Me too.  I tried to post pics for groups that were interesting or unusual in this context, such as the catholics and mormons.  The raging grannie group was fun to watch.

Today is "Saturday in the Park" in my town of Vancouver WA.  TSIP" is what passes for Pride here, and is usually a nice event.  Vancouver is across the Columbia River from Portland - close enough for an easy bike ride.  People regard the two as separate entitites.  Vancouver culture regards Portland as urban, and somehow threatening, and not entirely white.  That's even though many (most?) Vancouverites work in Portland.  Portlanders regard Vancouver as Vanwhat?, semingly thinking it's somewhere remote, like Fairbanks Alaska, and consisting mainly of Medicare recipients who protest Obamacare while collecting their Social Security and picking up their subsidized diabetes pills.  Certainly no one confuses it with the hip, gracious Vancouver B.C.    Even so, it's pretty live and let live, slowly becoming more diverse, and reasonably LGBT friendly.  Headed there now.  We'll see if I can take pics.

OK, here it is.  It wasn't possible to get the whole scene into a god pic.  Quite laid back and relaxed.  Probably more people later.  Groups sitting on the lawn.  We were blessed (by nature) with a beautiful day. 



A lovely setting for a great event. One day it will be common and welcome. 'Til then, enjoy!

Great to see all the strollers and kids. 

Lovely photos - I would of loved to have joined with you in support Sentient!



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