William Lynn may get house arrest for child abuse cover-up

From what I understand, this isn't instead of being sent to prison, but he'll be under house arrest before he's sentenced.

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He should be placed in the general population in jail while awaiting his sentence.

Nah, you can't do that.  You can't deliberately put someone who technically may be innocent in harmful situations.  Even if he's convicted, you have to protect him against known threats to his life.

I wouldn't be broken up if something horrible happened to him, despite protection from the other psychos in prison, but you can't set someone up to be murdered.  If he's done something worthy of execution, that's different, but indirectly arranging his death should be prosecuted as murder.  Putting him in with people who will abuse him should be prosecuted as accessory to assault.

Fortunately, the judge yesterday denied Msgr. Lynn's request for house arrest before sentencing, agreeing with prosecutors who argued that others convicted of a similar felony would remain behind bars.

The HuffPost article has the current news, with what looks like an older headline.

(I don't think the fear of Lynn fleeing to someplace like Vatican City was exaggerated.)



Wow, that judge just has a complete lack of faith.  A holy organization like the Catholic church wouldn't whisk a pedophile off to another country to prevent him from being brought to justice.

Paging Cardinal Law, paging Bernard Cardinal Law...

I do think that the judge is correct in his decision to deny the house arrest request.  However, I feel that with this case being of the nature that it is; being a person of high rank within the Catholic Church!  It warrants this denial of bail or house arrest even more so.

Now, before I get blasted with critizism for saying this hear me out.  With this person beiing affiliated with this church and this church being it's own country; where do you think he would have been?

Also, I don't think this will deter the cover-ups.  Or, at least that we will be able to see a un-bias report stating so.  I think that it will make the Catholic Church be even more "illuminati" about future offenses.  I know, I dared to use the word illuminati as a reference to the Catholic Church's behavoir.


Jeff Dempsey

Heh, I think you're being a little needlessly defensive there, in your second paragraph.  The Catholic church has already whisked multiple priests away to the Vatican and refused to hand them over for prosecution.  If I was the judge, I wouldn't let this guy out of jail until after the trial.  The flight risk is so high, you couldn't impose a bail high enough.


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