I preordered a couple months ago a print copy of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible from the Website, and just got a message they are ready to be shipped from the printer.As Internet service is sketchy here at best, and the SAB is a welcome resource as a study Bible (but not for the Faithful, trust me), it will be useful to have here in hardbound edition for the (few, actually) folk who make pitches against our heathenistic atheistic lifestyle (mostly our ex-neighbour) who don't actually read what is in their holy book, or try to make excuses for it if they have.

We should have our copy soon. A nice Christmas gift, don'cha think?

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I do think so, though my preference would be to have that text in CD or DVD format.  The reason is one simple keystroke: CTRL-F - FIND. 

Being able to search on a word or phrase and find it immediately has great utility for me.  I actually once recreated a manual used at my last employer because the original was scanned but not OCR'ed, so CTRL-F was useless to find a part number or term which might help in the troubleshooting process.  One of the things I very much enjoy about SAB's website is its Google-based search engine and its efficacy in unearthing those lovely little faux pas contained within the pages of the bible, quran or book of mor(m)on.

Sure, I still love holding a hardback book in my hand when I'm reading for pleasure.  But when I mean business?  Make mine digital.

Computers are few and far between around here: for basic things such as E-mail and word processors the majority of the village uses the public library. My word processor is a 103-year-old typewriter.


On the other hand, I do not have to have a computer to read a book. And I like the thumbability of books, I am old-fashioned in that way.


Plus, a second copy might be a wonderful donation to our library. I already have the librarian spun up over Richard Dawkin's "The Magic of Reality" we are giving the library.


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Sounds like a great Xmas gift!  

I love the organic technology of books too, with the transmission of information and ideas and knowledge,  on sheets of bio-produced cellulose fibers, created from solar energy. 

Plus tree-derived books sequester carbon.  Good for the atmosphere.

Even so, much of my "reading" these days is via audiobook while commuting.   I listen to the same book 2 or 3 times, if I like it, so I remember more of the material.

But I love the look and feel and idea of the physical book.  I also mark them up a lot, highlight, writing in the margins.  Hard to do with ebook.  

Paper books can still have an almost subversive feel, being untracable and passed from one person to another.  It is not possible to sell an ebook 2nd hand, or give away your copy after reading.  More $$$ for Amazon, and they are selling more for higher $$$ now that bookstores everywhere are closing.  My suspicion - I don't have proof of that.  I have, recently,  decided not to buy a couple of ebooks that are priced higher than their paperback alternatives.

I do read a lot on Kindle, and it lets me carry an entire library everywhere.

Regardless, SAB is a great present to yourself.  Enjoy!


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