wow culty brainwash much!?
figures the cathlics are posting up there bannerwise...

so lame. such a waste. I thought the economy was hurting!?

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I found this website some time ago and though I haven't had much chance to fact check it the information seems correct. The article that seems most important is this one. 

The first reference to abortion is on page 5, so don't get discouraged until after that. Though I understand we are all atheists here more information is always nice. 

I see nothing precious about life, except as we subjectively value it.  The lives of Afghans and Pakistanis taken by Mrkn violence are hardly deemed precious, any more than the life of the housefly we swat.  We save the seals, but ignore the herring the seals murder and the krill the herring devour, etc., etc., et tedious cetera.


We don't ask for the lives we die of, and they beat our butts to make us breathe.  Once we've arrived here, of course, we have the instinct to survive, but escaping the whole mess looks pretty good to me.  Heinrich Heine:  "Sleep is sweet; death is sweeter; best of all never to have been born."

So my life is "precious" to me, in that I have the instinct to continue it.  The lives of friends and family are precious to me, for totally selfish reasons.   (Another of my beliefs--no one EVER acted unselfishly.) 

Life total:  the loa loa worm?  dracunculiasis?  the polio virus?  the smallpox virus? 

All life is parasitic.  (Just throwin' that out there.)

A final thought: life is far too important and absurd to take seriously.

The action is considered selfish because you receive benefits in return for what you give up. Saying that your kids happiness is more important than your own is illogical because your kids being happy makes you happy. Its considered by some to be sophistry though, since it could be said that you are redefining happiness. Philosophy is pretty much all about redefining anyways.



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