this is a discussion i posted for my fellow atheists who also like anime and mangs i found a ton of good quotes about atheism in anime and manga so lets share. here are some on my quotes

"there is no heaven or hell no matter what you do while your alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die DEATH IS EQUIL"
-ryuk [death note]
 "God, you say?
Now how strange.
In these circumstances, God's wrath still hasn't fallen upon me.
Even now when the Ishbalans are about to come to ruin, God won't appear.
I wonder when and where God will appear and save you?
...And what is God in the first place?
Is it not just an idol created by weak humans who want someone to depend on?
Will an idol defeat me, King Bradley? How ridiculous."
-king Bradley [fullmetal alchemist]

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