Well I probably should introduce myself while I'm just a few days old and have that fresh baby smell around me. My name is Barrett though everyone calls me Bear and I live in Memphis Tennessee, basically dead center in the Bible belt. I'm currently a senior in High School and am just beginning to realize that I don't exactly fit in with the religious around here. An example would be that hollow feeling I feel whenever someone talks about Jesus or God or scriptures or what ever. I just don't buy into it but I'm not sure how atheist I can consider myself.

So consider me a newbie all around heh.

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You can be free to just say what's on your mind around here. I don't believe there is any agenda to turn you into a hard core athiest or anytning like that lol.

I enjoyed your other discussion the other day. Signs of intelligence always perk my interest and you've got them lol.
Thanks! :D




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