I just wanted to bring to attention of the survey organizers that there is a problem with the questions regarding political orientation. The survey perpetuates the single axis concept of political orientation. Thus, on can be either a Democrat or Republican (or independent, which is politically unspecified), or one can be Conservative or Liberal. The general association is that Democrats are liberal, and Republicans are Conservative. But in actuality, people should be classified along two axis: 1) economic, and 2) personal liberties.

One can be a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal. That would be a libertarian, for example, who would not fit into the Democrat/Republican/Independent, or the Liberal vs Conservative classification system in the survey. Many Democrats would be socially liberal (support individual rights), and fiscally support economic controls. Many Republicans would be socially concervative (believe in controlling behavior) and support free markets.

Perhaps 10% of Americans would be classified as libertarians. I would guess that a greater percentage would be taking the Atheist Survey. These individuals cannot answer the questions posted in the survey. You therefore lose information about a significant segment of supporters. For more depth on this (a fuller explanation) please google "the world's smallest political test".

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I understand and agree. This type of thing is very difficult to cover all included. I try to call myself a progressive libertarian (even though that is an oxymoron).
I had problems with the survey myself, which I complained but didn't receive a response which I mentioned that I am an anarchist who doesn't identify with the left right concept.
What all of you don't even notice is that there is a world outside your borders where Democrat and Republican are irrelevant (at least as choices - its a safe bet that a large majority are anti-republican, though not necessarily pro-democrat).

It is funny how deeply ingrained this myopia, even amongst the most enlightened of your citizens.
A very good point. That is why a tool like the World's Smallest Political Quiz is valuable. It does not specify a political group of any particular country, but categorizes along two axis, and quite nicely identifies a person's socioeconomic orientation.
Even that is slanted towards laissez fair capitalism, and ignores politics like mine and those with socialist leanings. In fact it even tells less than the left-right politics which is nonsense already. For example, why doesn't it give rights for work places to be run democratically.

This one isn't perfect either but at least it gives a better picture.
I'm not exactly sure I understand what running a privately owned firm democratically means. But I don't agree with you that the WSPQ is biased toward laissez fair capitalism. One axis of the test determines your economic choice between free markets and controlled markets. It therefore distinguishes very well, by design. I will grant you that it may not distinguish what your position is, but I have to understand your position first.

Nonetheless, I think you and I agree that the survey does not adequately characterize the various sociopolitical positions that many atheists will hold.

I'm not too sure a purely political discussion is appropriate for this forum. But if you would like to continue the discussion, please email me at isatinov@gmail.com

I'm about to give your cited url a try. . . .
Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful new year.
>>>>>I understand what running a privately owned firm democratically means

That is exactly the point I am making. There are collectives, not owned by government or state, and this is not a new concept. Privately owned is not democratic.

This discussion is appropriate, not to mention that your the one who brought this up, because it is about the survey. The WSPQ does not expand on this very well.
For example, why doesn't it give rights for work places to be run democratically.
Economic and personal freedom include the ability to peacefully organise however you like. This includes the possibility of collectively owned property, and a democratically arranged workplace, for instance.
I find it difficult to comprehend why would someone support economic freedom and at the same time oppose personal freedom.

 supporting economic freedom means; I can suck up all the money in the world, by any means possible.

opposing personal freedom means;  I keep you from organizing the masses to stop me!!!

liberal and conservative aren't opposites.  trying to make axes using terms as they are used in electioneering is nonsense.  they're just buzzwords.  the axis is statist vs liberal.
There ought to be an option for "secular atheist radical Islamist" too. After all, Newt Gingrich says that's what atheists really are.



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