I just wanted to bring to attention of the survey organizers that there is a problem with the questions regarding political orientation. The survey perpetuates the single axis concept of political orientation. Thus, on can be either a Democrat or Republican (or independent, which is politically unspecified), or one can be Conservative or Liberal. The general association is that Democrats are liberal, and Republicans are Conservative. But in actuality, people should be classified along two axis: 1) economic, and 2) personal liberties.

One can be a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal. That would be a libertarian, for example, who would not fit into the Democrat/Republican/Independent, or the Liberal vs Conservative classification system in the survey. Many Democrats would be socially liberal (support individual rights), and fiscally support economic controls. Many Republicans would be socially concervative (believe in controlling behavior) and support free markets.

Perhaps 10% of Americans would be classified as libertarians. I would guess that a greater percentage would be taking the Atheist Survey. These individuals cannot answer the questions posted in the survey. You therefore lose information about a significant segment of supporters. For more depth on this (a fuller explanation) please google "the world's smallest political test".

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I agree, I am not a independent I am a GREEN PARTY member!!!
Being a libertarian myself I too have the same problem with the old one dimensional left/right scale. I have long preffered the two dimensional one used on the "smallest political test". I have to wonder tho, why you characterised this as an "atheist" survey.

I agree with the politics of it and all, but what has it got to do with atheism?



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