I am wondering if my profile picture is public. I went into Privacy and changed it so only members can see my profile page.

HOWEVER, there is another option for blog, photos, and videos and the options are "anyone"


and one other...

but "MEMBERS" isn't offered.

Soooooo... what's up with that?


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I lived in San Francisco for years and told lots of people that if they want to safely visit the Tenderloin, then to walk as if they own the ground they walk on.

My experiences with believers--past experiences and present experiences--persuades me that as an atheist I am safest when I live as if I own the space I live in.

That's one reason I use my real name.

Another reason? I'm retired and don't have to deal with employers.

I live in the buckle of bible belt, and until you've lived here, supported yourself, and had to deal with, ...well,  just give it a try, I say! I changed my profile pic so now only a green plant shows when I google my account name! Lol!!!   Now that that is taken care of. I would like to invite single atheist men with pictures to request pics of me!

woops!!! I just got back together with my boyfriend! lol! sorry!!! check back for future updates!!!




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