I am aware, that AN is a general site for all kinds of communication concerning atheism.   But it is also a good place to find a likeminded partner.   Finding a match on dating sites, where nearly all people are religious or at least gullible for nonsense like astrology, is very difficult.
I personally am not able to love someone with irrational beliefs, I cannot respect believers, I have only scorn, contempt and condescension for them.
AN with nearly 25,000 persons, self-preselected for rationality, skepticism, above average education and intelligence is a good place to look for a likeminded partner.
There is an Atheist Singles group, but it only has about 1000 members.   I cannot imagine, that all the others on AN are happily married or partnered.

Therefore I suggest to add an item in the profiles, where people can indicate, if they are SINGLE and LOOKING or not.
I also suggest to include this option and the age group into the search criteria.   Right now, there is only gender.

The option 'Single and Looking' would serve two purposes:

1.  It would create awareness, that finding a mate on AN is a legitimate goal.   Just as some atheists are reluctant to come out from their closet, some of the lonely atheists also need encouragement to come out of the closet and admit, that they are lonely and in need of a likeminded partner.

2.  It would help to set priorities, in which discussions to participate.   I am on AN now since 3 months, and I was and am active on whatever topic interests me, but I do this always with the hope to get the attention of a possible mindmate.   So far, without success.
Sometimes, when I am reading the contribution of one of the men in my 60+ age group, and I read his profile, I am wondering, if he is partnered or looking.   Knowing this would make it easier to decide, if the attempt to get his attention by writing a smart reply is worth the effort.

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I have mentioned this group and I am a member.   This does not replace the lacking information in the profiles.  




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