#ElPasoFirme: A call to action against white supremacy

Before reading this I didn't pay enough attention to how profiteering from hate-manufactured fear is the capitalist underbelly of mass shootings.

Two tendencies have intersected that invariably will lead to this despicable violence. The uncontrolled access to weapons of war that has enabled mass atrocities in cities over and over again, has converged with the white supremacist political agenda that we see at every Trump rally, that we hear in every Trump speech.  

We know that those who profit from weapons sales, who despise gun control, are often the same profiteers that make millions from arresting immigrants and putting children and families in migrant concentration camps. They profit from the politics of hate and fear. Their objective is fear. They want white people to fear immigrants. For immigrants to fear government. [emphasis mine]

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And this is aside from the "usual" profiteering of industries that take advantage of undocumented workers in jobs like hotel housekeeping and seasonal harvesting -- we already have a very profitable (for the oligarchs) underclass of people who fear any contact with the government.

Exactly. Without fear they cannot sell their product. As an example on this Ferguson was discussed again at my work and I told others that my ex wife had hair appointments up there after the Brown killing and I took her anyway even though I do not carry a gun. Someone said that I was white. My answer was that I was not a cop. Someone says it was not night time. I remind others that Ferguson is half white in population. A gun toting 18 year old piped up and said not to listen to me because I do not know what I am talking about.

Does this sound like fear?

Indeed it does.




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