The Warsaw climate talks were a miserable failure:  half of the green groups walked out, and 133 countries walked out. No commitments were made - "contributions" targets are explicitly NOT commitments.

Reluctance by India and other larger developing countries to make commitments to limit emissions was overcome by calling targets “contributions” and so avoiding making them appear legally binding.

Climate Talks End With All Countries Agreeing to Emissions Cuts

Dennis Trainor, Jr. sums up the lesson of the COP 19 ...: “... our world leaders can’t seem to deal with the reality of climate change because it is not profitable in short term profits for the global elite and the bottom line of transnational corporations.” [emphasis mine]

The Government Scandal That Shows the People Have to Take Radical A...

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As happened so often in history, leadership falls behind the naturally occurring evolution of humanity. We remain caught in the religiosity of the Stone Age while facing the future with 21st century technology. We don't know how to use the tools we have at our disposal. Motivated by profit, we ignore what is capable of supporting life. One perfect example is the Full Quiver movement. Following instructions of a Bronze Age book, ignoring consequences of such teachings, we consume life-sustaining Earth for everyone.   

Over time, different cultures rose to leadership, rotted from within or defeated by physically stronger hoards, we come to a time when technology in the hands of humans has the power to kill, destroy, and annihilate living forms. If we follow traditions, much suffering lies ahead; if we think and act, motivated by reason with healthy and renewable energy sources, and take responsibility for our actions, then we could move into a time of justice with peace. 

Can anyone genuinely say they're surprised at this?  So long as the corporate world has more interest in quarterly profits than long-term consequences of their actions, this is what is going to obtain, and it will continue until those same profiteers have their noses rubbed in those consequences.

Just another reason to not remain silent in face of such stupidity! 

Agreed Loren ... Profits ... it's all about what makes money.




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