Dear all,


Can you think of any prominent female Christian personalities who have spoken out about Christianity's role in politics, especially in the USA?


... apart from Dingbat Palin.


Many thanks in advance!


Jake Farr-Wharton

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Back when there was Anita Bryant. How vocal she was on politics, I'm not certain, but she was plenty vocal about gays and gay rights ... and sparked a boycott of orange juice (which she was a spokesperson for) for her trouble.
I'm a Christian first, and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don't you ever forget it.

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.

And how could you forget Mother "village idiot but for the grace of god" Theresa.
My understaning of Mother Theresa is she was trying to do what she thought was right, and was tortured most of her life with her doubt of God's existence. She seemed fairly contemplative and selfless to me. What is your assessment based on out of curiosity?
Not only was Teresa privately convinced that God had abandoned her, she was a real piece of work. Christopher Hitchens details her shortcomings as a human being in The Missionary Position.

The short story is that she said that suffering is beautiful because it glorifies God, and used this as a justification to simply provide hospice care to people rather than spend the millions in donations that were piling up in her charity's bank accounts on actual medical care that might have done some good. People thought they were giving her money to help the poor, but she had odd ways of helping that looked a lot more like providing an early introduction to God. Of course, she always availed herself of the best science-based medicine when it came to her own health. Teresa was either cruel or insane. Probably both. Of course, that's the stuff that saints are made of.
Wow! I never heard of her. But, the Baptist Church that I went to as a child is now called "Living Water". Eerie.

Going to the site, the curser drops little snowflakes all over the place. It's hypnotic. You are getting sleepy.... sleepy.... sleepy.....
IF they have official saints, can they also have an official sinner?
Faye Hardin. I wouldn't say she is prominent, but that she is trying to be. She is always trying to influence politics and she used to have a show on GLC(she might still have it.)
Stepford wives, sure enough.
More along the lines of homophobia and perhaps residual from postpartum; as I hear on CSPAN isolationism...

racism even.

You mention Anita Bryant and I think of a David Allan Coe song:

"F Anita Bryant

Who the hell is she

telling all those faggots

that they can't be free"

Coe made some underground albums that tell things like they are and most of the songs are also hilarious! Many called the songs "racist" but my wife is black and she even likes Coe's albums.




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