Looking at sexual behavior as rationally as I can, I come to the conclusion that safety and consent are the only things that make sex moral or immoral. Because of this realization I tend to be far more casual about sexual encounters than probably anyone I know. Of course, this leads me to be branded a slut- in a good-natured teasing way among friends (though it still kinda hurts), and in a cruel way by other people. Even among my more sexually liberal friends, promiscuity is, for the most part, seen as something negative, and I find this puzzling; this view contradicts statements they have made regarding the morality of sex.

Input? Is there, in fact, anything wrong with satisfying my desires in any safe, consensual way that I can? Why the divide between what my friends say they think and how they act on this subject? Are there other things you can think of that affect the morality of sex?

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I don't really know, I've struggled with this same kind of issue, myself. I think that the main reason for this sort of attitude is because of all the emotional involvement that, for most people, goes along with sex. For some people, sex is an entirely physical act, but for others, it's almost entirely emotional, and for the majority I think it's a mix of the two. So, when someone has sex more or less indiscriminately, it sends the message to others (whether they can really articulate it this way or not) that sex and intimacy are separate for that person, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially if they themselves view sex as a very emotional act.

I feel like I'm having trouble properly articulating the issue myself, but I think it's kind of like the difference between cold-blooded murder and a murder of passion - while we might see both as wrong, the cold-blooded murder seems more disturbing because of the disconnect between the person's actions and their emotions. I can't say exactly why at this point, but for some reason it's more uncomfortable/disturbing for someone to act based solely through logical reasoning, than through at least some mixture of reason and emotion.
Actually I think that is a pretty interesting comparison.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, comparing murder to sex!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make love not war!

If we were all more casual about sex, there would be less people left out on this planet, less workaholics, less warmongers, less money greedy,

What? Haven't you seen the detective shows?! People always kill people they're having sex with!!

Clearly there's a positive correlation between having sex and being murdered!
sex murderers are where they at cuz they didn't get enough casual sex, problem solved! LOL
The more sex we have, the more people we have to murder! On the other hand, no sex, and we run out of people to murder... :'(
yeah, overpopulation solved! LOL
Wait, but what about those married guys who murder their wife for the insurance money, because they want to run away with the young chick they're having a extramarital sex affair with??

Because that's happened to me like 9 times.
... cuz they weren't getin' it at home! LOL!
Jazzy! How can you not be a believer when you have risen from the dead not once, but NINE times?
More casual sex creates more people, not fewer. No birth control method is 100% effective. That said, I'll hazard an opinion on Maggie's question. I have lived my life as a libertine. I know how you feel. Still, sharing sexual intimacy with someone usually makes the lover feel he or she is special to you. When the lover discovers that he is only a means to sexual satisfaction and not special at all, his feelings are likely to be hurt, and he may feel used.
I beg to disagree on that, abstinence creates more people! thru sheer stupidity!

As for 'being hurt', the most hurt I've ever been is being led on by people who lie, sex has nothing to do it! There is nothing inherently wrong with sexual satisfaction. If both lovers have been honest, then there should be no hurt feelings.

Suppose the opposite scenario, would you let your fellings be hurt simply because someone goes out with you for 'conversation satisfaction'????



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