Among atheists are those who actively evangelize for atheism. The best known are the four horsemen, Dawkins, Harris, Dennett and Hitchens, but there are many others who blog, speak out and wear their non-belief on their t-shirts.

Some of us aren't cut out for the "bulldog" approach. We were raised, sometimes to our chagrin, to be polite and respectful of other's belief and opinions. It's not that we hesitate to stand our ground, we simply do that without being confrontational. We appreciate the confrontational, they have their time and place. They keep skepticism alive and well as a real threat to superstitions and mythology. We're the supporting cast, the stage-hands.

Here's my suggestion for those like me: accentuate the positives of atheism rather than focusing on the negatives of theism. Counter the appeal of theism, make everyone aware that atheism can be just as much if not more rewarding an outlook on life and philosophical attitude as religion ever was. We need to illustrate the benefits of atheism.

One way to do that is to remind everyone that atheists don't follow the same rigid, illogical, inconsistent moral code that every marks religious belief system. We have far more enlightened, humane and realistic views of natural human behaviors like sex. Outside of belief in gods sex is a wonderful and natural aspect of our lives.

Atheism lets you masturbate!

(immense wealth from bumper sticker and t-shirt sales awaits me)

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