Hey campers! How was your break? (she says, excusing herself from the fact that life caught up with her and she's completely neglected the group.)

For conveniences-sake we're going to say I left you all in a den of bears and now I'm coming to save you.

So the good and bad pieces of my asexuality been on my mind a lot recently.

I thought maybe we could all make a list of the things that frustrate us, and the things that we like. You can use it whether you have a lack or desire, or just aren't having sex, etc. Whatever your current sexual state is.

For Me:

-I don't have to be horny and/or distracted by it
-I have more time for anything and everything else
-I'm less likely to slip up and do something stupid
-My judgment is less clouded
-No complicated sex-buddy scenarios
-No chance of pregnancy
-A clean record, no rumors, slander...
-A good excuse, I guess
-Less attachment, more freedom

-People mock it or hold it against me
-People don't understand, or think something is wrong (could be, I guess)
-I sometimes feel abnormal or like a freak
-I have to watch others in relationships, and it can take friends away
-I get frustrated with my inability to "want" or even enjoy
-It can end up hurting people
-I worry about my ability to maintain a good relationship
-Lack of the release that sex is supposed to bring
-Confusion as to what sex gives and truly is supposed to be

My con list may be pretty long but all in all it's kind of nice to live without that distraction. A lot of my cons have to do with confusion, and with the frustrations that come from other people.

What do you think?

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I'm not getting your one point in your pros section:

"A good excuse, I guess"

A good excuse for or against what?

My big thought on the subject involves time. It's the same as with sleep. I sometimes wish I was an insomniac, so I would have more time to get things done. This thing with needing 8 or 9 hours a night is such a drag. Being occasionally distracted by my sex drive is also a bit of a time waster. Then again, when what I'm wanting more time for is working on the standup material, sex is a very valuable source of material. I'm not sure I'd come out ahead without the sex drive and constant sexual thoughts.

The emotional and physical release is good, though. The emotional component of the physical contact that goes along with sex is also very emotionally fulfilling. Perhaps I'd be far more neurotic and non-functional without it.
A good excuse for not having sex, or for getting weird stalker guys off your case?
Ahhhhh. I'm not sure that will make the weird stalker guys give up, though. They're famed for not giving up. :-P
They truly are, aren't they?

If you're not interested, they try harder. If you try to push them away, they fight with you. If you tell them you're in the witness protection program, they try to go with you. If you tell them you're a quadruple amputee, they say they didn't need em anyway...
Hmm, what if they ask for evidence of you being a quadruple amputee?
Those are generally the most perverted of all. But if that's the case I start a violent, irrational fight about how they don't trust me, blah blah etc. Greatest perk to being a woman ever.

All else fails, photoshop. Or oversized clothing that hides all of your appendages.
Ooh, hey, or even better suggestion, since I'm a magic geek ...

You were a magician's assistant, and the sawing in half illusion went wrong. So, you don't even have the part that your stalker is interested in getting at, anymore. :-D
That is brilliant!!

What if he asks where the bottom half was discarded? Even if it's not attached to me, I'd feel more comfortable knowing it was safe, you see...
Heh, yeah, if it's still 'magically' alive and feeling and moving ... I dunno, maybe a good safe?

And then if it's not still magically alive, and he's still interested ... well, that's just all kinds of freaking disturbing.
Well you're talking about a guy with a thing for quadruple amputees, so it's already getting into disturbing territory.
Yeah, but adding necrophilia to the mix makes it far more disturbing for me than any previous component.
I have some questions about the ones you gave - how can your asexuality hurt other people, for instance? It seems like sexuality is much more prone to hurt feelings - also, I think that the release that sex brings is mostly from sexual desire... so if you don't have any desire in the first place then I suppose it's not a problem? :P

I don't think there's anything wrong with you - even if we supposed that your asexuality were due to some sort of childhood trauma, or benign tumor in your brain, or whatever, the important question is whether you're happy with your asexuality or not. You may not know yet, but really that's what matters most, IMO.




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