In this country is some discussion if home schooling should be forbidden. I think that's a good idea - I abhor monocultures and a family that isolates the children is a monoculture. The quality of the schooling might be an uncertainty...

and at that point I realized that I can't think of a point in favour of homeschooling. So who has experience with home schooling and can tell about the pros and cons?

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In grade school I had a speech impediment. Nobody much bothered me because of it maybe because they didn't want to see my two fists. The school finally sent me to a councilor who straightened me out in no time. My problem was in pronouncing my "S" words. My dog spot was "my dog Pa Hot." Any "S" word was affected terribly and I believe the councilor was a volunteer person. She must have cared a whole lot about children.


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