Last night I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when the oddest thing happened. Another player asked everyone in the room what they thought of Jesus and whether or not we knew him. As people began saying that they'd prefer not to discuss religion or politics, he said that he wasn't interested in converting anyone (RIGHT...!), just wanted to know what they thought. First off, XBL is well-known as a place of near continuous psychobabble, but I've never heard someone proselytize on there before and I was amazed at how calmly people reacted to him.

Out of a room of 8, two of us said that we understand naturalistic evolution to be the creator of life, not god, and that we believed that religion was made by man. There were a few chuckles at the idea that we made up god, not the other way around. The preacher then rendered a well-rehersed pitch saying, "I just want you guys to know that Jesus loves you and that by accepting... etc, blah-blah-blah." I then calmly explained that he then appeared to be trying to convert people, contrary to his previous statement.

I was amazed at his response.

He said, "Wow, I didn't even realise that I was doing it, I just felt concerned for all of you."

Hear's the clincher- there is nothing in Xbox live terms and conditions that says that he cannot proselytize there. Instead we use a muting and avoiding system, which works great. Point is, who the hell goes on XBox live and pulls this kind of crap? Well after speaking to this oddball, I found out that he does this as a part of a psychological strategy to cull animosity. This usually makes his opponents angery and thus leads to them making a lot of mistakes. He assured me that, aside from the occasional room like that one, it works like a charm.

Bottom line: DO NOT LET THEM PUSH YOUR BUTTONS! They are only trying to sabotage you!

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accept that first person shooters are...
not what Jesus would be playin'

wait until Aliens vs. Predator hits in Feb 2010 so I hear
not for the thin skinned; search 'trophy kills'
talk about letting off steam but dehumanizing at the same time!?

seriously though; let me rant about 'religous workers'
that distraction technique happened to me quite often at past places of work that ended up places of worship talk; from coworkers and sometimes bosses/CEO's whatever... fkn' florida for ya, chaos, just like the organized digital racist fundie corporate crime families like it. Sucks to be a quality minded person that can get jobs done on time whom happens to be a humble soul = )
; the high-maintenance folks (fundies) just run their own people ragged in this 'right to work' state. How do you say, eat their own, or eat the ones that were born into 'gawd' but now are godless; yeah yeah yeah.

Divide and rule xtian/jewish/jehover/baptissy fronting to gain from peoples' traditions;
flipping old-world bs myths into corporate foreign based bling bling fakery; damaging societies worldwide all the while being closeted freaks I'd call this scourge on taxpayers!

Said best this eve; "crooks hire politicians, law folks, to run for them..." no shyte!?
what happens when the crooks are jailed? gov takes no doze for awhile until the next senate seat opens? f minus.
: /

ps, did you hear about the I.C.E. migra fronting as Mormon missionaries to catch illegals?
First off, AvP looked absolutely sick! I may have to play it.

Good points in your rant... I think.

And no I have no idea what I.C.E migra is. :)
No shit. I use to play AVP on computer along time ago. This looks like they revamped the entire graphics engine. I'll definitely be buying the new one after seeing that youtube video.



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