Prostitutes, Call Girls, Mistress, Courtesans etc

What do you say? Should it be legal? If one legalizes and regulates it then there is less crime involved. I'm talking brothels and cat houses et cetera. If we use Nevada as a basis and area for statistics we find that regulation brings in money to the government and lowers prostitution related crimes. 
I found these essay helpful

I have found that though some plans have been successful in removing prostitution from certain areas it tends to go else were and create the same issues in that place. That is illegal street walkers. 
I can't see a good legal reason to outlaw it. I see religious reasons, and possible moral reasons. 

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My newspaper is embarrassing. I never realized just how bad it was until I went to a Prop 8 protest, and read the article on it. Honestly, what protest did they go to!? There were a bunch of farmers with signs threatening hellfire, chanting "shame on you", and they choose to only interview one person, who said "I think the vote should be respected", and was probably the only half-sane protest-protester?! ...I think I'm getting off-subject.

And that's tragic. D: Poor babies.
Utah, Colorado, its all snow to me.
A simplification, Doc. Fletch, to say the least but an understandable one. My vision of Australia is one of a coastal ring of urban sophistication surrounding a waste land of Aborigines, Kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee types and a shit load of sheep - I'm sure that's probably not an accurate picture.
Utah would best be lumped with the deep south's Jeebus uber allies ambiance, Colorado, on the other hand, more resembles California in it's political kabuki.
When you are in a medium size town in Utah and you want a drink you go the the local watering hole (in a converted garage on the outskirts of town) and it's name is "The Only Bar in Town" (true story) one gets a far idea of the local attitudes. In Colorado towns of 200 have at least 2 bars, one liquor store and a couple of guys that can get you some decent weed or a licenced medical pot store.
"Women going to a legal place for sex would really tick off alot of dudes."

Because we should totally make laws based on what men think women should be allowed to do with their bodies (sarcasm).
It's hard to see how prostitution is anything other than specialized massage therapy. Or how paying for sex a la carte is any different from the subscription plan, apart from it being cheaper. And ever since the laws against adultery were dropped, retaining the laws against prostitution is just hypocritical.
That is one thing that does confuse me. Laws about personal sexuality? I was doing a research paper on gay rights and there were states that had outlawed sodomy. Who on earth cares? And how the hell do you enforce that? Adultery at least has some complicating factors, and I suppose it has more gravity than legalizing prostitution, when it comes to it.
As far as I know, the only prosecutions for sodomy involve cases of rape that include sodomy, or when the police happen to catch somebody in flagrante delicto. It's sort of like a seatbelt law--the infraction is usually an add-on to a ticket for something else. Though I actually agree with the seatbelt law (and helmet law). Consensual sodomy doesn't hurt anybody if done correctly, but not wearing a seatbelt or helmet can make you a ward of the state if you are permanently disabled in a random crash. The state actually has some interest in preventing the negatives. I suppose you could make the same public health argument with regard to sex generally, but crippling cerebrospinal injuries are not a common outcome of most sexual activity. Not that it can't happen, but we're talking statistics here.
I just don't think there's any way to enforce it (without major privacy issues) aside from cases of rape, which should always be illegal to start with. Not to mention the immorality of criminalizing consensual sex between adults of any sort.

Is it still illegal in places? My paper was from laws that were happening a while back.
In theory that's true. In practice several places still enforce them, in a few they enforce them with quite a heavy hand. Especially if a prostitute is involved.
Not only does everyone involved get arrested, but if oral/anal sex were involved they all get stuck on the sex offender list for a few decades. After all, it isn't enough to give them jail time for violation of nonsensical puritanical laws: They have to destroy every aspect of a person's life, including rendering them unemployable in any industry that isn't illegal.

New Orleans is the most recent example I know of, and that was at the start of this year.
Seriously, is there no way to take the police to civil court for these women? >.X And if they want to prosecute against anal or oral sodomy, then they should probably just start assuming it's a crime every person has committed since so many have. >.X
A better question is why make it illegal in the first place? If some people enjoy anal sex whats so wrong with that? I know its a religious morality law. Its funny but on a military installation the only authorized sexual position is missionary, everything else is considered deviant. You aren't even allowed to give or receive oral sex :( Its only ever enforced during rape cases but its still in UCMJ.
I personally don't think that adultery should be a crime punishable by any court. If you violate the trust of the person that you've chosen to be with then its an issue between the two of you. If you separate and property must be divide that is a legal issue. I can see where you should make the ethical choice to inform your partner that you are looking else where for pleasure. I just don't see where the law should be involved.
Supposedly what goes on at your house, as long as its consenting, should be your business and no one else's. However we have a bunch of people that think they are doing gods work so they stick their noses in others business.
Its funny but on a military installation the only authorized sexual position is missionary, everything else is considered deviant.

Even more funny: voluntary military service in France was open to women at the time I was conscripted, but the army still criminalized (at least theoretically) sexual relationships within its ranks as homosexuality, regardless of gender.




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