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What do you say? Should it be legal? If one legalizes and regulates it then there is less crime involved. I'm talking brothels and cat houses et cetera. If we use Nevada as a basis and area for statistics we find that regulation brings in money to the government and lowers prostitution related crimes. 
I found these essay helpful

I have found that though some plans have been successful in removing prostitution from certain areas it tends to go else were and create the same issues in that place. That is illegal street walkers. 
I can't see a good legal reason to outlaw it. I see religious reasons, and possible moral reasons. 

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I don't think one can regulate mistresses or courtesans, but legalizing prostitution seems like it would be good all around.

Yes, inspections (as long as the inspectors aren't able to be bribed) sounds like a good idea.

It's the worlds oldest professions. It will never die. Legalize prostitutes already!
We're all prostitutes. We are also very good at dressing up the fact that we're not. The exchange of sexual services for money is as old as human memory. The only thing older is the desire to consume mind altering chemicals. Given the depressingly vocal and common presence of teetotalling puritanical wowsers on this site, it probably won't take long for them to chime in with convoluted fear of sex nonsense, much like they have elsewhere implying that anyone who drinks is a diseased and violent psychopath just waiting for a trigger to go postal. For the life of me I cannot reconcile atheism with puritanism, but they exist. Just like atheist 9/11 truthers and atheist alien-bodies-in-government-bunkers loons.

The question should not be "should it be legal?". It should be "why is it even illegal in the first place?". Prostitutes should not be reviled, they should be revered, as was the case in some cultures. Exchanging sex for money is a fundamentally honest transaction - especially when compared Wall Street, marketing departments or political think tankers and lobbyists to name just a few. I like to think of them as social workers, because essentially they are. An often forgotten aspect are the noble ones that provide services to the disabled. No one ever considers that. The disabled, like the poor, are much better just swept under the rug and forgotten about.

The most obvious aspect you have mentioned already - if it's legal, organised crime is kept out of it at least partially, and the violence, slavery and drug related problems are to a large part mitigated. Prostitutes should run their own businesses and be their own bosses without having to bleed their income for "protection" to parasite criminals. And then of course there's is the tax revenue that can be pumped back in as health services. I don't know of a single society anywhere that has been harmed by legalisation - quite the reverse. The whole industry automatically becomes safer, healthier and more discreet. This is the case in Oz where it is legal pretty much everywhere, except maybe Queensland, but they still live in terror up there that daylight savings will fade their curtains.

well said!
I don't know that all sex workers see themselves in a social work role.

I said that's how I like to see them. And quite a number of professional ladies I have known also see themselves in that light. Sex is only one part of the service.

Some are just trying to maintain a drug habit the only way they know how,

Again, legalisation brings health care into the system - there is incentive to look after health and no fear of persecution. That also brings them into direct contact with professionals that deal with drug issues. Hookers also form collectives - junkies are a detriment to the whole. There are no downsides to legalisation - that must really grate on the puritans.
I've always thought that bosses are the same as pimps. They make the majority of money off of your work and give you a small percentage of it.
See Labor in the Devil's Dictionary. There's no entry for 'prostitution' or 'pimp', I guess Bierce was wary of duplicates.
I like (ahem!) the way they solved the issue in Iran - just make it a non-issue thanks to sigleh: marry, fuck, and divorce the girl in 60 minutes flat. Good ole' Muhammad had a solution to every problem.
The current state of prostitution makes it one the most dangerous professions to be in. Legalizing and regulating brothels would take the profession off the streets and out of the hands of pimps. In the confines of a brothel the prostitutes could be protected form the violent johns and pimps that are a constant threat to their health and life. I'm sure there are legions of off duty cops that would be more than willing to moonlight as security.
Further, not all prostitutes are women.
Of course it would lower prostitution-related crimes, prostitution now IS a crime. ;)

Now, as a sexually-horrified 17-year-old girl, I have a definite "Ewwies" reflex that makes me boil with hate for men when I even see the words, because of the stories and images it evokes. But when I use the wrinkled pinkish thing in my head, I know better. If prostitution were legal, it would be a choice. A prostitute who was raped would have a place to go legally, and pimps would be far less necessary. That's huge.

I wonder though... since it's obvious that kidnap and human trafficking exist, how they would monitor it. Would you need to have some sort of legal prostitute license? I don't know that it solves the problem, those sort of areas would likely be as untouched as they are now. Would that sort of depravity go unnoticed still? I suppose the demand for it would go down, at the very least.

The only other issue I have is that there are children running wild in the streets. Do they need to be exposed to that sort of thing? (I'm assuming that prostitutes wouldn't be "zoned"). I'm sure the streets won't suddenly be crawling with prostitutes, but theoretically there's nothing stopping them from being in public cities or residential zones. It just draws out more moral debate, because exposure is going to have an effect on future generations. . .

In general I agree with it, but I have my reservations. Obviously I'm not an expert on prostitutes, so your comments are welcome, but be nice. I'm squishy.



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