Here is a petition to protect Amanda Knox from extradition to Italy.

A short summary of the miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito:

Amanda Knox's roommate Meredith Kercher was murdered in 2007.  The prosecutor decided that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito participated in the murder, even though there is no forensic evidence (no DNA, no footprints, no fingerprints ...) of Amanda Knox in the room where Meredith was found.  And similarly no evidence of Raffaele Sollecito in that room except for a trace of his DNA on her bra clasp, which was left at the scene for 6 weeks before it was found in some junk from the floor.  The trace is very small and could easily be contamination. 

Rudy Guede, who was making his living by burglary, left DNA all over the room and was sentenced.  But the prosecution charged Amanda and Raffaele also with the murder.   The prosecution's case against Amanda and Raffaele is smoke and mirrors:  none of their evidence stands up to scrutiny (see the "miscarriage of justice" link above to learn more).  There was horribly negative publicity in the tabloids, popular sentiment in Italy is very much against Amanda and Raffaele, and jurors are not sequestered in Italy.  They can watch TV reports and read distortions in the tabloids while deliberating. 

Amanda and Raffaele were tried in 2009 and convicted.  The DNA evidence used to convict them would not have been admissible in court in the USA because of its low quality. The DNA evidence is the crux of the prosecution's case. 

They appealed, and the conviction was reversed on appeal in 2011.  The appeals court ordered the DNA evidence reviewed by independent experts Conte and Vecchiotti, who said it was unreliable.   Amanda and Raffaele were released.  Amanda Knox came back to the USA.  Raffaele who is Italian, stayed in Italy.

This would have been the end of it in the USA, because of our laws against double jeopardy, and I and many other people figured that was the end of it. 

But in 2013 the appeal decision was vacated by an Italian court, which ordered a new appeal trial.

The new appeal trial resulted in a guilty decision on Jan 30. 

They are going to appeal again to the Italian Supreme Court.  Amanda Knox wouldn't face extradition unless the appeal to the Supreme Court also fails.  Raffaele is in more danger because he's in Italy and his passport was taken away.  He would go back to prison if the next appeal fails, and I heard he was barely hanging onto his sanity when he was in prison for 4 years during the first trial. 

Extradition is handled by the State Department, and I've read that it's more a matter of diplomacy than of law.  Amanda may never be extradited because of the double jeopardy issue and because public opinion in the USA is generally that she's innocent.  But who knows what would happen if the Italian government requested extradition. 

Another article on the case.

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I found 2 petitions there and signed both of them gladly. A small sign-up was needed, but I'm glad to have access now.

It was always my understanding that Rudy Guede was offered less prison time if he brought Knox and her boyfriend into this murder. If so, how could he resist? Apparently lack of DNA meant nothing and they just took Rudy's word for it. He did have something to gain.

Giuliano Mignini, the original prosecutor in this case, seems to be a man who has watched too many mysteries and monster movies. His famous "Monster of Florence" case spread out over 17 years and was too bizarre to even consider. Most people today (even in Italy) see no accuaracy here. (Please Google for the whole story.) Old ideas die hard it seems. With the murder of Meredith Kercher, Mignini is back to his "old tricks" again. Ritualism and sacrifice are brought into play once again by Mignini.

A good article on "trial by osmosis" as practiced in Italy.

What happened to Amanda and Raffaele is in some ways typical of the Italian justice system.

Put another way, they weren’t weighing evidence; they were writing fiction.

"Trial by Osmosis" said much to explain it. I remember the early days of investigation when Knox was damned by the media for being in police custody for hours and giving Raffaele little "pecky" kisses and later turning cart wheels. These actions were used to determine that she must be guilty because she didn't appear to even care about Kercher. What was she supposed to do--spend hours upon hours on end wailing like a banshee, or go out and hire professional mourners? At this point all Knox knew was that everything was taking a very long time, and that she and her boyfriend were innocent. Later police worked with her repeatedly for many hours trying to get her to implicate her former boss in this murder. When she appeared to do so, a very tired Amanda Knox was only doing what was asked of her. It's so easy to see how real evidence and motive shifted several times.

Now we have the "friends and toilet flush" thing that supposedly Kercher had against Knox, and I've seen this idea shift in other articles to read that Kercher thought Knox "had bad physical hygenne." Where did this come from and how would prosecutors know? Kercher is dead. Perhaps the police went about asking if Knox could have killed Kercher over remarks about hygenne. I thought it was a cheap shot designed to get the public against Knox.

Much of this tripe gets into things like Knox being called "Foxy Knoxy" in high school. The Italians dig at this and bring out a meaning different than the first intended one. With their new meaning you have to assume something like "foxy thinking" and a fox "getting away with something in the henhouse." How would this apply to the Italian courts and this trial for murder? It leads you to believe that Knox and Raffaele were trying to "get away with something" in the Kercher murder.

It's sad that they cannot go with the real evidence in the case. DNA has rightly convicted Guede and there is no room here for any others.




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