there is a church in my city that was bribing people to go for tvs, cars, laptops, etc.  i felt conviction rise inside me with the need to protest the indignity of this bribery.i tried to rally the troops only to be told 7 am protesting was too early, or they didnt care enough about church, or flat out afraid to be seen. the reason i protested was not for religious rights or godly treason,nor to really piss of those poor god fearing bastards, but just to remind the posession hording hypocrite pastor bill cornelius that not everyone can be bought.
so, about 10-12 people said they agreed with me and they would like to be apart of it. sunday morning rolls around and the only ones out there were me, my boyfriend, my brother, and our roomate. i must say i was very proud of my signs and their redderik including: bill cornelius- wolf in shepards clothes, must pray for tvs, greed and envy up ahead,win this raffle-lose your integrity, and my favorite: bill cornelius makes me proud to be an atheist. there were many more comparing him to bob barker and so on.
sunday morning although it was just us 4, we were outside the entrance with our chosen redderik boards from 7:00-8:10 am. everyone slowed to read our signs, some were upset, but none enough to yell or curse. surprisingly, we had some friendly honks followed by waves and smiles and one man actually read our signs and turned around and left! i felt we had a small victory and made our point known.
as we were getting in the car to leave, we turned and saw a cop walking very slowly towards us. we considered waiting till he walked up, but we decided our job was done and he wasnt worth waiting for. we reconnoitered at the only place open for brekkie on easter- mcdonalds and celebrated over mcmuffins and oj. today, monday, the news papers actually covered the protest, only to announce that the pastor's wife claimed to "kill the several protesters with kindness- doughnuts and coffee" and how it "must've worked because they left shortly after"
bullshit! how could they think we'd be bribed too!
but then we wouldnt have had to seek mcmuffins...
wait, am i supposed to ask a question in closing? ok... would you be more put-out by the selfishness of others for donating these expensive items just to be re-distributed among the rich masses, or the hypocritical pastor who didnt bother to donate those items to charities or schools? or take the wider more frequently used road and not give a shit?

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thank you for your words of support! churches have been protesting against everything from soldiers funerals to concerts to basic human rights for too long. but i believe the media can say what they want and i worry a letter or phonecall to the editor would be too little too late... im still probably gonna call though.
It is obnoxious to bribe people to church, and also very sad and pitiful. You stood against it as a clear minority. I agree, a polite more factual letter to the editor with a more in depth explanation may help too.
yes! very well put. churches are businesses and should therefore be fucking taxed.that was my other beef-4 million dollars worth of shit claimed, tax free. probably to be paid back next year! how can we get people to see this? take churches off the tax free bill!
Write to the editor. You have at least four witnesses to verify that the pastor's wife is lying about doughnuts and coffee. More, I'm sure, if people were actually paying attention the reality of the event, not waiting to win a tv.
ah the phalse idols of the phalic god(s)... hughwah!?
This shows how often I log into the Nexus. I am just now reading this. :-( For what it's worth, when he tries this crap next year, and you know he will, I will be right there with you. Props to you!

Maybe we could even challenge the pastor to an open, televised debate. Hehehe *gears turning*


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