Protocol change for PE regards to females.. (Islam and Fundy Xtianity hate this subj.)

Role models

Girls were also concerned about what their friends thought about exercise, and said getting sweaty was not feminine.

And many of those questioned said they did not think there were enough female sporting role models.

The WSFF is writing to schools offering advice on how to make school sports more attractive to girls.

WSFF said some PE lessons were "stuck in the 1950s jolly-hockey-sticks style of the past".

"It's simply unacceptable that the overwhelming majority of our young women are leaving school with dangerously low levels of physical activity," said WSFF chief executive Sue Tibbals.

"We can't afford to keep ignoring the evidence that school sport plays a key role in shaping attitudes to sports and fitness."

The Youth Sport Trust said schools needed to do more to address issues such as girls feeling body conscious or lacking confidence in their abilities.

"Schools that deliver PE well recognise these challenges and offer a wider variety of sports and physical activity that make girls feel included," said chairwoman Baroness Sue Campbell.

"We would like to see all schools take this approach."

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Are you familiar with the phrase "glittering generalities"?  This short piece seemed to me long on generalizations and short on examples.  Exactly what should be changed?

I have mixed feelings. Sports and exercise are the same but different, and if my school only offered sports, no, I would not take a PE class. And there is no doubt that most people care more about male sports in general. But I took aerobics 2-3 times in high school, and there were less than five males that took the course with us girls, combined. Sports and aerobics were basically our options as far as that goes, and sports are hard to get into. Considering the crazy emphasis on body size put on women it surprises me that women would avoid exercise so much. I do hate sweating though, mostly because then I have to shower. It makes exercise so much harder to work around.

fiStrange. It seems feminism keeps swinging back and forth. We start with no women in schools, now we're in schools. Then gym classes were all separated, male gym and female gym. Then most schools, from what I've seen, went co-ed because women wanted to be treated equal. Now they want to integrate "feminine" sports?

This is why, even as a woman, I've never really understood feminism. In my humble opinion, it seems they just don't know what they want. They want equality, then they want difference, then they want difference with equality, then.... it's just weird to me. 

And what's this about sweating not feminine? How does a lady expect to lose weight or tone down at all if she does not work herself up to a sweat? It's not possible. Zumba may be more appealing to female groups, but you sure as hell work up a sweat in there! 

I just don't get it. 




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