Provision authorizing indefinite detention of accused citizens could pass this week

I find this pending law utterly horrifying.

'Global Battlefield' Provision Allowing Indefinite Detention of Cit...

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012has ignited a firestorm among civil libertarians because of provisions buried deep within the bill that would expand the military’s authority to indefinitely detain accused terrorists, including American citizens, while also effectively extending the War on Terror.

... the Senate provisions ... will strip people of their rights and perpetuate endless war...

... “make permanent the power to indefinitely detain,” meaning “not just this president, but future presidents would be able to make use of this authority.”

... it requires the military to indefinitely jail any and all accused terrorists — the keyword being "accused," not convicted ... [emphasis mine]

A Joe McCarthy wet dream, and good bye pretense of democracy.

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Nobody is being killed are they?  Nobody is being threatened with death are the?  How is what I am using a logical fallacy?  In claiming why you disagree with you implied that I wasn't worried about oppressive regimes BECAUSE I didn't like invoking the Holocaust poem.  Another reason could be is that lately EVERYBODY has been invoking it whether it makes any sense or not?

This doesn't belittle the victims of the Holocaust. Have we learned nothing from that horror! Can't you see where this is going? As soon as everybody that disagrees with the powers that be can be thrown in jail forever, based on an accusation, who will stop the outright killing? The killing will just be the second shoe falling. This power makes it inevitable. Look at history. This isn't the first time a country went fascist.

I agree with George here. The killing will come soon enough. The legal groundwork for it is being laid in concrete.

Maybe I am just sensitive because of how much it has been invoked lately.  Occupy, collective bargaining rights fight in Wisconsin, Michelle Bachman during the tea party rallies.

I had no idea this quote was being used so much lately.  


It speaks to the power, the ability of this statement to summarize, in a few words, such an important concept.  That we should not allow the government to single out a group of people, and scapegoat them; allow people to be taken without laws and protections; and that there is a fear of a "slippery slope."  Start with one group, "Im not one of them", the another group "Im not one of them", etc.  It seems that a lot of people, in a lot of places, have the fear that this type of pattern could repeat in some way.


I always took "came for" as arrested and detained.  I can see how this is code language. 

 Didn't think of it as code.  Most of the people the Nazi's "came for" ended up in death camps.  The others went to work camps and eventually were probably sent to death camps.  I don't see it as code

If you go to the wikipedia link given, " His statement, sometimes presented as a poem, is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy, as it often begins with specific and targeted fear and hatred which soon escalates out of control."

That expression of the dangers of political apathy is exactly what I wanted to use.  The idea that this law opens the door to arrest and detention of specific and targeted people, who do not have to be convicted of any crime, and who are feared and hated, but does not limit to that hated group and can expand to others, is what is so worrisome.  Sorry to offend, and if you want to offer an alternative expression for next time, I will listen.  I would accept McCarthyism as an alternative example, but my concern there is a lot of people don't recall the extent of that damage. 

I actually had a friend who used the cadence of the poem, but completely different word.  I don't see a problem with that.

Not only is this bill terrible, it's OUR , atheist's fault!  According to a blog in the Free Republic, 

by Martin Armstrong

excerpt:  "The NDAA would eliminate even the Biblical right to be heard. It is the most violating piece of legislation that even is contrary to the Bible and those who voted for this surely cannot be seen as real Americas and must be total atheists who would allow indefinite detention of American citizens, with no charges or trial without Congressional authorization. "

Are we all happy now?

Please, write the President!  March on Washington!  Move to Canada!

Susan, I'm going to have to side against you with this one. I was raised Jewish and have many friends and family who have lost people in the holocaust as well, and I am also sensitive about it (holocaust deniers are among the most despicable people on the planet). But I think the poem does refer to the slippery slope, and it does more credit to the memory of the victims to remain vigilant against oppression where ever it rears up.

so... yeah.. vatican, cuba, canada, ughhhh... hrmmmm



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