I've just been unfriended on facebook. Had a cousin's wife post this approvingly and I pointed out that cursing someone and wishing them dead are such christian things to do. Went a few more messages but it looks like she must have come out of one of the more abusive sects. Because after she said me being an atheist makes my opinion moot, my saying we likely grew up in the same general religious traditions really crossed a line for her and one of her friends. Now I'm curious about which religion she grew up in. Don't even know if it's christianity or one of the others.

Do you think anyone bothers to read all of Psalms 109 before reposting it. I read it before commenting and came away pretty damn horrified.

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I agree with Butterfly Ocean, the fact that your "friend" unfriended you should tell you that they were not a real friend in the first place.  She is obviously is not tolerant of other viewpoints.  I find tolerance a very good quality in a person or a friend.
There is evidence that 'contemporary Christians' (evangelicals and charismatics) tend to want to see President Obama as a 'one term president' and want to have an openly dogmatic Christian president take his place.  They have no problem with the blurring of Church and State when it comes to policy making, either.  This is a troubling development... but not a surprise.  Conservative Christians blame the President for just about everything bad going on right now...he's their scapegoat.
The psalm, as far as I can tell is a call to arms. If you read the rest of the psalm it is a call for vengeance. To me they are calling for an assassination. Now before you tell me that I have gone cuckoo, these are the people telling us that he is a terrorist, a muslim, that he "hates America" and that pretty much as mojo5501 said caused all the ills in this country. They are even saying (still) that he is not an American at all.
This is why I vote. I vote not because I feel that I have some responsibility to do it because of our freedoms. I feel that I need to at least get my one vote out there to eliminate the vote of one of these fundamentalist terrorists that parade around behind their bible. The line between what the bombers on 9/11 did and what these "christians" are asking for is pretty thin. Hiding behind a book and pretending they are "doing god's will" is an eerily similar argument to the bombers on 9/11.

I'm right behind you in the voting booth, Tom.  It is a civil duty...a secular duty.  My voice should be equal to the voice of everybody else in the room... our society is culturally pluralistic for a REASON.  The sane people have to cancel out the deluded ones...ha.  Can't we all just be rational and reasonable here?


I just hope the GOP electorate votes for a moderate candidate...because even though I'm an Obama loyalist, I fear--because of the economy--the American public is in the mood to 'throw out the incumbents' from BOTH political parties.  Our current national mood:  Newer is an improvement.  Don't trust 'Washington insiders'. Give the job to a 'Job Creator'.




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