Don't know how I missed this but psychiatry is finally realizing that religion is a major cause of mental illness (see below);

Despite vigorous protests from Republican presidential candidates, the Vatican, Fox News, Westboro Baptist Church and preachers across the land, a new entry has been added to the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Social scientists term the new mental disorder, the 298th official DMS entry, Impositional Religiosity. It is seen in all parts of America, but is far more common in common in those states with Republican legislatures. It is characterized  by passionate tendencies to evangelize for policies, laws and other rules that impose elements of faith-based beliefs, dogmas and creeds on secular societies. As a consequence, religious beliefs are inflicted on many who view such perspectives as unwelcome, irrational and even preposterous.'


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I think that's satire, Eric, but I'll go along with it.

Just imagine all the religious people that you talk to and you tell them they would have a different religion if they were born in other parts of the world. Christians, in particular, see no problems with this. If they were born in Iran or Saudi Arabia somehow their god would seek them out and they would still be Baptist of Pentecostal. Yes, god so loved the entire world that he doesn't wish for any to perish, but those guys over there do not count. God would allow them to be lost to the wrong religion just so you could have the right one anyway. That's how smart god is. But wait! What about not wishing for any to perish?

I tell Old Charlie these things but that sum bitch just doesn't get it. I think he should go back to Archinsalt.

Yes unfortunately only satire. What a bunch of effing cowards these MD's are.  In my book religion is the number one cause of non constitutional mental illness and these guys can't or are too afraid to recognize it as such.  I ought to write a letter to one of their journals.

Eric, please do write a letter to a medical journal and express your rationale for holding the medical profession accountable for not naming religion as a mental illness. 

Share a copy with us. 

I'm gonna do this.  thanx for the encouragement.  I've already written a small chapter on this in my book and will have to winnow it down somewhat.  I think we maybe it would e more effective if we did it as a group or maybe an open letter somewhere perhaps NY Times.  I will shoot this by a good atheist friend who used to write for a paper.

Please let me know when your book is ready to selling. I want to buy a copy. 

Thank you!!! As soon as I have it ready I will let you know!

I had no idea it was satire. Since it rings so true, true, true.

yes doesn't it?  It's got me wanting to write a piece on religion as a significant cause of emotional disorders for an oped somewhere like the NYT.

Good thing it's satire.

Anything that can be used against religion can and WILL be used against atheists. Especially if it can get 'medical' authority

Pretty funny, but in reality, stuff doesn't get added to the DSM unless there's room to make money  off the diagnosis and treatment. Both psychiatry and psychology are largely driven by income and the winds of public opinion. Things go from being perceived as abnormal to normal, and as normal to abnormal (think ADD) periodically. Scientifically there is no real justification for this.




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