Gun control. I'm droppin this one hot, right at your feet. It's always a volatile topic, and I absolutely cannot seem to pick a side. I certainly don't like the idea of some kid with a screw loose being able to help him/herself to their father's arsenal and shooting up a school. I don't like the idea of enabling a tweaker to hold up a pharmacy with a semiautomatic weapon. And I REALLY don't like the idea of any Joe Blow with an itchy trigger finger and a vigilante complex taking a 2 hour concealed weapons course and packin' down at the Crate & Barrel.

But, then again, why should a few bad apples be able to take liberties from the rest of us? Shouldn't the emphasis be more on personal responsibility when it comes to securing and carrying weapons? And what the hell would the Nuge do with all his free time if we outlawed guns? He'd probably have to take up the guitar or something.

Well, I've already begun to lightly bleed from the nose, so I guess ya'll can take it from here. 

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Heh. I heard the pin drop.

By "rest of us", did you mean just people in the US?
I assume he meant people in the US and Somalia.
Jaume, would you like to take this routine on the road? We could be edgy and do sit-down comedy rather than stand-up.
Make that dug-into-a-foxhole comedy, and maybe I'll consider it.
Compel a licensing procedure and mandatory safety course. That's my stance.
It is a weird topic. Like so many things that run up against politics it can be complicated. Louis's idea makes sense. Everything else I had to say was unhelpful.
Gun 'control' has been done to death in both directions. At this point, if you don't bring data, you're just repeating the same inconclusive arguments from emotion and innuendo and/or based on slippery-slope mechanics.

If somebody wants to bring some data, they'd better not change their mind.

Speaking of data, the data have shown that heart disease and cancer kill more people--at least in the U.S., which is the place regarding which I presume that you mean for this issue to be discussed--than guns. Unless guns now cause cancer... Anyway, mandating that pro-heart-health medication be made available, as cheap as gumballs, in many public places, with accompanying signs and pamphlets explaining their usefulness and use seems to me like a far better idea for preserving human life in the U.S. It's all about opportunity costs.

This line is the concluding paragraph, and it sucks like all concluding paragraphs.
No reasonable person should be prohibited from owning a fire arm - so roughly 90% of US citizens should find something else to throw tantrums about.
The real problem is that gun sellers, nor the government have no good way of knowing who actually is reasonable. I personally wouldn't want my paranoid, apocalypse-loving neighbour to be better armed than most marines. (Thankfully this neighbour is hypothetical!) :P

I also think there should be definate limits on the kind of firearms should own. I just don't see why anyone needs to keep an assault rifle at home.
But, then again, why should a few bad apples be able to take liberties from the rest of us?

Because that's how social life works? When a few bad apples cause havoc for driving at 180 mph, states issue regulations and take the liberty to speed at 180 mph from the rest of us. And when a few bad apples will grow the habit to bring their pet skunks with them at political meetings, I expect the same state to take everyone's liberty to bring their pet skunk with them into public gatherings. When people get used to it, they stop complaining. Unless it's an essential liberty that was suppressed. And when you look at what people think in countries where firearms are regulated or prohibited, it's hard to support the claim that the right to carry guns is one of these essential liberties.
While I don't particularly feel the need to walk around with a gun on my hip like Rooster Cogburn, I completely support the right for others to legally own guns. My problem is that most individuals seems to see guns as a sign of how tough the are and big their penis is. This is too often true even of women. I know very few gun owners that have had any real gun education and even fewer that treat guns as more than playthings.
I do however think there is no reason for individuals to own automatic weapons, or bazookas and stuff like that.
Go to a Sick of It All show, no guns there.
Streets is a different story.




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