Any interesting ideas on how to purge society of religion floating around out there? My friend came up with a perfect name for the process- Theolocaust.
Be as silly or as serious as you like. :)
(the wackier the better!)

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Forced vasectomies for men and boys who exhibit magical and meta-magical thinking. They can still get their jollies--which is all they ever want anyway, as they are, demographically, hedonistic motherfuckers--and we keep their traits from propagating as far into the next generation.

We won't be able to do this across the board. Naturally, we'll have to do this as an in-group thing like Jewish communities and their high-investment parenting which has lead the average Jewish I.Q. to be a standard deviation above the average over all demographics. Whether we start in an enclave of New York, in the Canadian Rockies, just east of La Paz, in the Australian bloody Outback, or whereever else, we need a proper initial seed population and that genuine sense of awkwardness when it comes to shtuping outsiders that'll keep outsiders' magic-thinking genes out and insiders' genes in.

This won't be possible just yet; the magic-believers--the religious, the psuedoreligious ("new-agers" who are actually old-agers since they essentially believe in the original vagary that was religion but updated with recent content), and their ilk--have to get so fucking crazy that we can't bloody stand them. Then and only then will our lazy human asses reject them wholemeal and only breed with each other, defining the future split between two species of hominids.
you don`t disappoint me. fantastic answer
A good enema should do the trick.
Didn't work in 17th century London.
Perhaps an acid enema?
Maybe aiming for the nostrils or ears would help? What happened with enemas in 17th century London btw?
i kinda liked the molten lead down the throat approach they had back then, but it was inflicted on the wrong people
It's the Rapture Ready crowd that need to purged the most. I say put all the Christian End-Timers on one remote Pacific desert island and put all the Muslim End-Timers on another one. Give each of them one nuclear-tipped missile aimed at the other, then sit back and watch the fireworks. I wonder who would shoot first?
I think those two islands already exist, metaphorically!
Nuclear weapons are expensive and they pollute the air if you use them. Dump the Christian fundies and the Muslim fundies on the same island, and make sure that every one of them has a sword. As for medical tech, let 'em pray.
Oh Stephen, I LIKE the way you think!!
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