Push for atheist Scout oath is damned by Anglican priest... . .~?


Priest says call for a new pledge allowing atheists to join the Scouts is enough to make him eat his woggle

~ whaaaaghh!?

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Of course some priest (likely more than one!) is going to get bent out of shape about this.  It's one more indicator among many of the loss of power being experienced by religion in general in the 21st century.  Irrational belief becomes more irrelevant, the holy men can't do much if anything to stop it, so they whine like a bunch of kicked puppies.

But the real mystery of this article is: "Just WHAT Is A 'Woggle'?!?"

A woggle is a ring worn around the tails of the Scout neckerchief, to hold it in place, under the chin. The main triangular part of the neckerchief sits at the back of the neck, and lies down the upper back of the person.


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