There seems to be a re-occuring 10% number as the % of people who grab what they can for themselves with no interest in the long term consequences and they are as tough as bed-bugs to eradicate. Historically they cause misery chaos or stagnation. ( No they are not to be confused with good ol' Republicans regulated by a socialist reformed soceity beginning of 20th century until 1980)
Surely the scientific community needs to diagnose our 10% as the socio-paths they are. Just as psychotic or scizophrenia.etc.....
If there is bi-polar 1 that is brain-chemically loopy but a bi-polar 2 for people who pass for abit moody but are normal enough I don't see the problem with humanity diagnosing what passes for normal accepted behaviour as a scientifically recognised genetic mental disability. Is it true this 10% could exist in apes?
Since 90% of us are the true normal isn't it about time to diagnose abnormal than shrug and say its the human condition. I really don't think they can HELP it which is the criteria for mental imbalance.
Quite beside religion as superstition the 10% are actively infiltrated in using religion as a tool for control.Seems to be if you can control the masses you can make em pay for the priveledge too.

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