Quantum Mechanics for Dummies - Electrons Are Weird

Einstein couldn't wrap his mind around quantum physics, why should we try? Because there are explantations that make sense out of a nonsensical world; because there are perspectives that clarify mysteries; because it is fun!

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Observing photons changes their reality?

Observing politicians changes their behavior and changes observers' beliefs.

I've read that the effect of "observation" on quantum systems - the way they seem to change from being in an undetermined state to a definite state, is not a matter of "observing something involves transfer of energy-momentum to it so it changes the system".  But I don't remember the details of that. 

So it's unlike the politicians :)

Thanks Humble Pie, Loren, Spud, John, Timmie, and Tom. I have most of the stuff I need in the basement, and I really appreciate the references. My wonderful mom and pop hardware store will provide what I don't have.
Well, this should get me through a few more hours of cold, wet, windy days! Thanks
Can't wait for my 10 year old great-grandson to come for a visit. We did an exploding volcano last time.

Best Grandma Ever!

Nothing in life is to be feared ...

Oh! by-the-way, I am GREAT-GRANDMA, a 77 year old seeing the world through the eyes of my great-grandchildren. Life doesn't get any better than this. Thanks Humble Pie

A shame Dr. Curie didn't understand radium a little better, though.  She might have feared it if she had!  ;)

Yes, Humble Pie, Dr. Currie didn't know what she needed to know. She left us a cautionary tale.
Thanks for all the good information and encouragement. My great-grandson, Ethan will just be sparking when we do this one.

Thanks - I enjoy learning new things - thank you Joan.


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