Hey, first off I'm new here. I live with my mom and dad who are atheist, but my grandparents are very religious. I believed he was real until quite a few years after my mom and dad got married, up until that point i went to church and did lots of community events with other church members. After a while I stopped going to church. My dad told me what atheism is and after he told me I realized that everything that religious people told me wasn't true. When we moved to my Dad's home town people started to ask me where we went to church. I told them that we didn't really go to church but that we're Lutheran. The people I go to school with pressure me to go to church with them. What should I do?

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Most of them thing I'm an atheist and that if they push hard enough they will get me to convert. I have tried to reason with them... but they are just too stubborn to listen to reason.
thank you for the advice, and I'll do just that
I live in southern Minnesota. It isn't dangerous to be known as an atheist, but the town I live in is very small, less than 1600 people. It would be dangerous if certain people knew, cause their dad is a teacher at the school and he's in the military. So far I've experienced no violence and am happy for it to be that way.
Ok , I'll do that. Like you said it shouldn't be a problem, and I'm not too worried about it.
you need new friends
Yeah, I would seek other friends, but it is pretty hard to do in high school, especially if it turns out that it is an old one. One way to find fellow atheist is look for groups or clubs that inherently have more atheist. As boring as it sounds, but talk to students of biology class as there are often atheist among them.
I am a strong atheist and sometimes I do go to religious places, sometimes accompanying my friends and other times just to please my Mom who knows fully well that I do not believe in god. If you do not actively attack religion and god(unless someone specifically asks your views) in public, you should be fine.
Tell them the truth for starters, if your atheist your not Lutheran. Any one who has a problem with you because you are not religious are just people you don't have to deal with. It is called the right of association. I don't put up with people that give me a hard time for my beliefs. I actively ignore people who try to shove their religion down my throat. You have the right to not deal with those close minded people.
to both of you much thanks
Although Fox is right, of course, about having the choice, it isn't always easy, Tribbles. There are a lot of folks out there on a continuum from atheist to religious radical. And no one along that way has a lock on intolerance. That said, I would have to say that my experience has been that intolerance is more likely among the radicals. I get along with some of them by grinning right in their faces and saying, simply, "Hey, I'm your best atheist friend." They are somewhat disarmed by this approach. What happens is that I elbow a little room in their minds for me that way, and the atheism comes along. They're forced to accept the concept that some people are atheists because they've decided to accept me. (I know how Pollyanna-ish this all sounds, but it's really not. It works.) And then, if you run into someone who really wants to be in the attack-dog club, you can always opt for out-Fox-ing them*, and just not deal with them at all. (*Apologies to Anderson, but humor is healthy. ).
I went to born again church for my dad twice, it was tolerable but I could have been sleeping instead between the hours of 9 and 12. I think if you don't want to go just say so, and if its requisite to make friends, try it? It's really up to you man. The question that seems more pressing to me is why are teenagers pressuring you to goto church? isn't peer pressure usually for drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes? I say just don't go...it's quite boring to begin with, and your an atheist so you'll just sit there in anguish.
The community I live in happens to be very religious.


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