Hey, first off I'm new here. I live with my mom and dad who are atheist, but my grandparents are very religious. I believed he was real until quite a few years after my mom and dad got married, up until that point i went to church and did lots of community events with other church members. After a while I stopped going to church. My dad told me what atheism is and after he told me I realized that everything that religious people told me wasn't true. When we moved to my Dad's home town people started to ask me where we went to church. I told them that we didn't really go to church but that we're Lutheran. The people I go to school with pressure me to go to church with them. What should I do?

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You could ask your dad to tell you what he thinks. Or, you can go with them once in a while. I was raised Atheist, but I go to church rummage sales. They have all those nice little old ladies and sometimes they sell brownies and cookies and coffee and lemonade. Then, once you get a sugar buzz, you go in the basement and pay a couple of dollars for a whole bag full of groovy records and groovy vintage threads and craft supplies, and stuff for your room. Church can be fun. If you're not into vintage stuff they always sell books too and the church people don't buy them! Ha!
That does sound like a very interesting hobby if you think about it.
don't live a lie. I pretended to be christian up into my late teens and what a waste of time that was. Be a moral atheist.
I get the same pressuring. Its not like theyll go to your house and beat you up if you dont. Just stay true to your non-belief and do what you want.



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