Questions for candidates/incumbents on role of religion in govt

Questions for candidates regarding role of religion in government


This list is a work in progress that was inspired by Bill Keller of the New York Times and has been modified by Eric Stone of Westchester Atheists, a nonsectarian group of freethinkers supporting the separation of church and state.

1.  Has there ever been a conflict between your religious beliefs and the Constitution and laws of the US?  Yes________  No_______


2. If there has been a conflict, which determined your decision?  Your faith____    The Constitution____


3. Would you have any hesitation about appointing an atheist to the federal bench?

Yes____    No_____


4. Do you think there should be any laws prohibiting atheists from holding public office in the USA?

Yes_____  No_____


5. Do you believe that Intelligent Design is a valid scientific alternative to evolution?

Yes____   No____


6. Do you believe that Intelligent Design should be taught in public schools in science classes?

Yes____   No____


8. Do you believe that evolution is not fully supported by most scientists?

Yes____   No____


9. Do you believe that global warming is not accepted by the majority of scientists?

Yes____ No____


10. (a) Do you agree with those religious leaders who say that America is a “Christian nation” or “Judeo-Christian nation?”

Yes___   No_____



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I would love to hear the current GOP candidates' responses to those 10 questions.  Sadly, I already think I know how Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum would answer them.

I heard a saying that I like yesterday (applied to a different situation, but still applies):


"It's like picking out the least dirty shirt to wear out of the hamper."


The thing about Romney is he's so smooooth.  It's a kind of barrier he keeps up so we'd never really know what he's really thinking.  He has that Ken doll look about have to admit, his hair is perfect for presidential office.  


Perry gets a kind of pained expression on his, "this is  hard....this thinking with my's causing pain I'm not familiar with...must form complete sentences....must use big words...must fight impulse to punch Mitt in the face".

When do we get to ask them? What others have you come up with?  How about something along the lines of:

Do you make policy decisions based on the teachings of religious texts? If yes, give an example.


Our plan is to submit these to both parties and then to submit the answers or lack thereof to the other party and to as many newspapers as are interested.  Since we are a small group, the local candidates may answer but the state and national ones will probably disregard.  But if all of us send these to our resepctive local candidates, that may create enough pressure so it would be harder for the state and national candidates to ignore.




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