I am going to unsub from A|N in January. My eyesight will not permit trying to comment outside the html discussion frame, i.e. with no options for font, italics, &c., which happens about HALF the time I post, and about 85% of the time when posting replies to others' post. YOUR SOFTWARE/PROGRAM IS BUGGY. Too much so for my liking. So, thanks for the memories. Adios.

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I have serious health problems that my doctor just ignores. Every winter I wear my favorite coat. This year I cannot button it up so I bought another coat. I'm short of breath and look like I have swallowed a basket ball. Lots of gastro problems and if I remain still just a short time I tend to fall asleep. Gotta keep moving.

My doctor says too much beer, no exercise, and wrong food. I like my doctor but a man who only sees you an hour a year cannot know much about you or your health.

My wife bought me some new pants before she moved out earlier this year. In 10 months I can hardly wear them because of my waist size. She even says "too much beer." I guess you have to die to convince these people something is really wrong.

Thanks, FT31, but my diet is pretty much the same and my doctor has done urine and blood tests. Suddenly my stomach wants to get so big my breathing is affected and my favorite coat will not button leaving an 8 inch gap side to side of the coat in just 1 year. That's a bit too much. All of my vitamins, gut flora, and electrolytes were shot to hell and I took no antibiotics. B-12 is helping me a lot now along with Ultimate Flora and other compounds. I used to bodybuild so this is a shock to me.

Well, now. I know something about docs. I've been relatively lucky in that my blood doctor (CLL) of 14 years, a Lebanese (though I have NEVER asked if Xian or Muslim) is considerate, friendly -- to a lawyer! -- and highly intelligent. HOWEVER, once when I had a bronchial asthma attack, I went to a local doctor who was highly popular and had a good rep. Unforunately, I could not see him and I was SICK. I was referred to his office partner, a Latino named Mario Martinez. I was wary from the start since he places ads in the paper for Botox injections, usually meaning he likes vanity patients and/or a lot of flirting &c. Well, my fears were born out. He spent all of five minutes discussing my problems, recommended Dove soap instead of the one I was using, Irish Spring ("too rough on the skin of an old guy like you") and prescribed an antibiotic that did not work. I went back and he did not even sympathize for his mistake, much less apoligize, writing a script for a stronger med he should have given me in the first place. I wasted no time giving him a very negative write up in one of those "Rate Your Local Doc" websites, saying he should take the caduceus patch off his white coat and replace it with a big gold dollar sign. Some docs are PRICKS. And some are IDIOTS.

My doctor is Iranian, James. He is a good doctor but set in his ways somewhat and always aware that I don't have the money to pay for tests and treatments that my Coventry HMO will not pay for. He is watching for my health but within the guidelines of my medical plan.

I've never asked him if he is Christian or Muslim. I think I know the answer. He once told me I have to follow what he tells me to do. If I do not, my family might grieve a little at the funeral, but as for me, I would not exist anymore.

I agree with that evaluation.

My doctor is a doctor, she should be good, otherwise I'll choose another doctor. I don't give a flying duck if a doctor is a Satanist as long as he/she's a good doctor.

Brave lady, Patricia. Perhaps more men should have their pricks cut off so they appreciate a woman's loss of something dear to them. My mother had one breast cut completely during the days of radicals. When my ex-wife got b.c. they only did a plug type incision, and my mom told me, "If she'd gone for the radical she wouldn't have died" a few years later. Cancer reappeared inside her mouth and they had to cut out part of her tongue and cheek. The got rid of it, but then it appeared in her lung. Where is God when good people are hurt like that? If I ran into the son of a bitch tomorrow (and I guess I might) I would tell him what a monstrous prick He is.

Fuck this site for not letting me edit my posts!

Jesus came to visit me last night and he told me "just believe in me again and I will heal all your health problems." It was a tempting offer but I looked at him and replied "you still have holes in your hands and feet, and a spear mark on your side after all these years. How can I believe you?"

Stigmata are not supposed to heal. They're worth nothing if they heal up. Reminds me of the scene in The Last Temptation of Christ in which Jesus, having survived crucifixion, encounters Paul in a public square somewhere in the Holey Land and after hearing the sermon, tells him, Paul, Paul, I am not crucified, I am alive. I am here with my wife and child. Paul (played magnificently by America's greatest living character actor, Harry Dean Stanton, gives Jesus a threatening look and replies: "No, you're dead all right. You're no use to us alive." I almost stood up in the theatre and applauded but knew the rest of the audience might cruficy me. As it was, there was a trickle of angry patrons leaving all through the film, but I have now seen it 10 or so times, often stoned.

It's a shame that Jesus was a carpenter and we do not even have one surviving chair that he made in his lifetime.  :)

I would recommend the classic all times acclaimed "Life Of Brian" by Monty Python for the  most realistic view on a parallel life of a Jesus.

You just click on edit icon, but lots of times you do not get html mark-up and the various editing icons running across the top of the block where you type, e.g. bold face, italic, &c. The Problem with this is not only a jerky font but inability to add photos, media, bullets, &c. The only thing you can do is keep clicking on the "to view this mesage, &c" in your email box repeatedly, usually about three times, until the "reply" icon, when clicked, brings up the html box instead of the jerky type box with no icons for this and that. To me, that is buggy. If I use the jerky type box I have to add an @ symbol to let the person know I am addressing their post, a nuisance. The html box appears immediately under the @ person's comment, while the reply you send sometimes appears several messages later, so it might not be apparent which post you are commenting on. Drat! I type faster than I think. (Years of being a freelance writer, starting back in the old Smith Corona days. Never heard of Smith Corona? Well, it was a t-y-p-e w-r-i-t-e-r, not a Cuban cigar.)




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