I am going to unsub from A|N in January. My eyesight will not permit trying to comment outside the html discussion frame, i.e. with no options for font, italics, &c., which happens about HALF the time I post, and about 85% of the time when posting replies to others' post. YOUR SOFTWARE/PROGRAM IS BUGGY. Too much so for my liking. So, thanks for the memories. Adios.

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WHAT???  Bro, don't leave!  You DO know the trick about CTRL-+ (The Control key with the PLUS key, also works with the mouse wheel) to increase font size, right?  Besides which, you're FAMILY here, and we don't wanna lose family.

Seriously, James ... please reconsider.

I was going to say this, but you beat me to it. :) CTRL+ and CTRL- have saved me from a lot of eyestrain.

I'm a gamer (less so than I used to be, but still a gamer) and my eyes get tired easily. You can't use CTRL+ and CTRL- in a game, but for everything else they work great. If you have certain versions of Windows, you can also use the bundled Magnifier software. If you don't have Magnifier, I'm guessing there are free programs online that do the same thing, just watch for those blasted PUPs programmers are sticking in freeware these days. Malwarebytes Anti-malware will get rid of any PUPs you accumulate, but it's still a pain in the ass to get rid of them and even Malwarebytes won't find everything.

I also bought a set of gaming glasses: GUNNAR Computer Eyeglasses. They magnify things slightly and block out high-energy visible [HEV] blue light, which leads to a more pleasurable computing experience. Don't expect a miracle, but they are worth a try if you're willing to fork over the money. The glasses are not prohibitively expensive, but I suspect they are overpriced. The frames on mine broke once. Luckily, they were still under warranty, so it didn't cost anything to have them repaired. Also, that whole schtick about them making you look cool? That's bullshit. XD I look like a freak when I'm wearing them. There's no way anyone would say, "Wow, what cool glasses! Where did you buy them?" The economy version probably looks bad on everyone. Do they help? Yes, but the efficacy varies from person to person.

Nix goenzy por favor. Sorry James. My fake German gets mixed with my Spanish.

All right folks, I will stay on. But I now have COPD and health is declining all around, many problems, boo hoo, many of them self-produced (smoking, inhalant abuse, &c.) I will have to check in only now and then because I must now put my affairs in order. You know, hide that list of dead priests and pastors. O, I didn't tell you? I am an immoral atheist and a serial killer to boot.

Patricia, do you suppose there is a connection between atheism and diagnosis with serious illness. I already know you answer, but it IS fodder for fundies.

Pat, good to  see you still have a sense of humor.  With that many things wrong with you, most people (including church-goers) would be ready to commit hari-kari.

I too, have some serious health problems, for the last 9 years,  started at 62 and now I'm 71, but still make the best of the situation.  Can't blame anyone, on earth or ABOVE, for my condition,  "Sh*t Happens!"  Right?   Just hang in there, and always remember, ......if you just look around long enough, you'll find someone in worse condition than yourself.

Guess what, Patricia. After reading your list of ailments, I am not so down about my COPD holiday season. When I got chemo, I saw so many pathetic creatures with problems worse than mine, it made me feel awfully small thinking I was bad off. I'm going to pray for you. Tee Hee.

You're right, but it doesn't stop the fundies from telling me that my health problems are due to my lack of belief in their god. The only thing I can do is ignore them and / or point out that there are lots of Christians who have worse health problems. 

If you want a "reason" why there seem to be a lot of people with health issues on this forum, it may simply be that a lot of us are on disability and can't get out as often as "normal" people. Forums offer an alternative. I can interact with others in my nightie and they'll never know. :)

And of course there are people who are much worse off than I am. I didn't enjoy today's worse-than-usual back problems, but I was still able to drive to my mother's house and walk in the front door to attend our family's Christmas get-together. There's a large chunk of the population who couldn't do even that much. Today I'm calling it good despite the back pain. :)

I think I was attracted to Buddhism because it teaches principles that anticipate theoretical physics and especially the theories of David Bohm, who was equally comfortable with scientists and "spiritual" people like Krishnamurti. Both Buddhism and Bohm posit that we are all, at the subatomic level, infinitely connected. My illnesses are yours; your illnesses are mine. I know that sounds corny and naive and, well, spiritual, but it really isn't. Buddhism posits that all of us have the same ancestry and the same fate: we are born, we live, love, and suffer, and we die. It is the commonality that is emphasized, If we all have the most important things in common, birth to death, why waste precious time, the "gift" of life, bickering with each other, threatening, harming, &c.? Sam Harris got hooked on Buddhism, too. And a recent pope called it "an atheistic religion." What a prick! Oops, there I go doing just what I said I shouldn't. Well, I am human, all too human. Just as you are. There is no god but Man.

Now, really, what did an ancient Egyptian priest, speaking to a fair to middlin' poet and occultist from the grave, know about our being made up of carbonaceous stuff from outer space? A.C.'s revelation is so much more intelligent than that of John of Patmos, and he confirmed the geophysical aspects of AL when he had the Star Sponge Vision at Lake P. in New Hampshire. I still love the guy.

AIF, point out to those people that lots of people with no health problems at all do not believe in god. Why are they an exception? You have health problems "because you do not believe" but it does affect others who do not believe. God seems to be taking sides and showing favorites. Why?

We have strange people in this world. They cannot reason.

I've decided to address such folk with tongue firmly planted in cheek by sayig "I'm praying for you...not that it will do a bit of good." Some might come back with: "Certainly not, since you only pray to the Devil."




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