Raëlian DNA research project: Science proves that consecrated wafers are still wheat and not Jesus

The Why Evolution Is True website ran an article about a DNA research project on a consecrated Catholic communion host, which they claim is "transubstantiated" (What a great woo word!) into the body of Jesus.

I don’t know much about the Raëlian Movement, but what I’ve learned suggests that Raelians are plenty weird. Their faith is based on Earth’s life having been created by space aliens, so they’re creationists, and they have all kinds of strange views, including a form of baptism that alters your genetic makeup but prepares you for your eventual judgment by the aliens. They’re a small sect, cult, or religion (whatever you want to call them): Wikipedia estimates that there are only about 90,000 members worldwide.

On the other hand, the sect has some good liberal views: they are pro-gay, in favor of food derived from GMOs, and anti-Catholic. The last view is probably one that gave rise to the “research” paper I’ll highlight today. Yes, a Raëlian group did some research, and I’m not going to dismiss it out of hand simply because of who did it (if that were the case, I’d dismiss the Human Genome Project simply because it was headed by born-again Christian Francis Collins). As always, we must evaluate the data on their own.

Damien Marsic and Mehran Sam, identified as belonging to the Association of Raelian Scientists (in Las Vegas), have published a paper in a place called “Scientific Raelian”; the paper’s title is “DNA analysis of consecrated sacramental wafers refutes Catholic transubstantiation claim.“


There's a lot at stake here! If the consecrated host isn't really Jesus' body, then the Catholics aren't really cannibals; how disappointing.

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I think the Mormons should have been called in for peer review of this study.

Don't they need some DNA from Jesus, to compare to the wafer DNA?  Where did they get that?

I'm curious about the Raëlians.  It might be the umlauted ë.  And the generalized unusualness.  But who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

Neither had I.  It caused me to look up the wikipedia page on umlauted  ë's.  There were languages there I had never heard of.  The next question, then, is whether Raël is Luxembourgish, Ladin, or Kasubian.  Each of those could imply a different pronunciation. I'd be embarrassed to say "Raëlian" at a high class cocktail party and discover that I've offended someone.

wikipedia page on umlauted ë's

One bonkers group throwing stones at ANOTHER bonkers group?  Pardon my French, but SO FUCKING WHAT???

Communion is still symbolic cannibalism as long as one person believes in transubstantiation.

What I want to  know is what do Cat-licks think happens to that particle of Jeebus as it travels through the GI tracts of all those worshipers.  And then through the sewer systems and septic tanks of the world.....

Holy shit! I never thought of it thst way!
That is how I regard compost. I wonder... Tomatoes grown with compost made from poop that came from Catholics after consuming the blood and flesh of Jesus. The cycle is never ending.

I'm afraid that they need some of Jesus' DNA but how are they going to get that? Maybe wait until he returns or just go to the Shroud of Turin. Everybody knows that is the blankey they covered him with.

That's a good idea. DNA test the shroud of Turin.
That makes me think. Arent there a few relics around with Jesus' blood, or nails from the cross? Those might work.

I think the Catholics sold all of those. Didn't they at one time sell splinters from the original cross? Snake oil salesmen of the top caliber.

Maybe it's kind of like the loaves and fishes story? A gift that keeps on giving?




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