It's a sick & twisted world when this is allowed!!

Rabbi Explains why sucking a baby's penis in circumcision is good!?!

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Barbaric.  Perverse,  Disgusting.  Abusive.  Anti-intellectual.  Sick.  Self-serving.  Reactionary.  Infuriating.  Unsanitary.  Infectious.  Dangerous.  And in rare cases, lethal.

But apparently 'legal' ?

but does the baby like it?

He either seduced him, or is older than his chronological age. After all, he was naked in front of the man, and was in just as much control of the situation as the poor rabbi here.

Maybe it's supposed to create a lifelong subliminal affinity for rabbis. 

Wasn't what I would call 'summer reading', but I agree with their idea:

Google:  "Jewish mothers opposed to circumcision.  Miriam Pollack"    This was a high school friend.  I applaud (I think) her stand on circumcision, but wonder how she can continue to think that "god" spoke to the Jews but that the circumcision nonsense was a mistake.  I tried to ask her that question once but she felt betrayed and ambushed and informed me that she couldn't and wouldn't discuss it with me since I was not a Jewish scholar and had not read the right books to qualify me to have an opinion.

Oh! Ok! If your wrong then no big deal so what! As, long as you get to suck baby ducks at the end of the day?

This is clearly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. I have read that a few years ago in New York City there were some deaths of children as a direct result of this procedure!

All, I can say folks is this; "Don't buy your cracklings or pork rhines from rabbis!

Is Miley Cyrus the new Jesus Christ? (ANSWERS)

Circumcision should not exist, which makes the entire discussion about sucking the remains of people's penises after circumcision moot. I don't appreciate people screwing around with my private parts. My parents are Jewish and they paid canter (and moyl) Samuel I-won't-say-his-last-name to come to their house and strap me into a special board with velcro straps, in a bedroom, and cut into my penile arteries and cut part of part of my body off, while my mom and 30 guests were in the living room, while I cried my heart out, because my parents "thought they were doing the right thing" and for the sake of a religion I don't believe in, which I now know to be a prudish, repressive, obsessive-compulsive, sex-negative culture and I should not have been allowed to make my own choice because the choice should not exist because circumcision should not exist. Circumcision is serious sexual assault my people invented in order to try to inhibit masturbation and you are not entitled to disagree because that's the objective truth and abuse is abuse and assault is assault no matter what peoples religion or culture says.


Isn't there anybody that it's legal to k..l?  Is that a knife gripped in his fistHe came at me with it!  You all saw him, right?




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