It's a sick & twisted world when this is allowed!!

Rabbi Explains why sucking a baby's penis in circumcision is good!?!

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It has caused infections and babies have died from them.  It's really pathetic what is allowed.

I stopped watching about halfway through because this is a classic example of the LUNACY that religion creates in people. 

Just disgusting and wrong.

Do you guys think circumcision is ok as long as you don't put the mutilated remains of the body parts in your mouth or do you realize that circumcision without putting the mutilated remains of the person's body parts in the moyl's mouth also should not exist and in general circumcision should not exist?

This rabbi is actually sucking the mutilated remains of people's body parts. Saying people have certain body parts is technically just not accurate. If you are circumcised you don't really have the body parts you think you have. You only have the mutilated remains of the body parts you are supposed to have.

So ... it's okay if the kid gets herpes from the mohel after his bris, eh?  Check this out, then you tell me!




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