Supposedly so he can avoid breathing in air from flying over cemeteries.  But that might be a cover for motivation not to be contaminated by people who are traveling with vaginas.  I know a smoke screen when I see one.  Maybe.  Which motivation is most likely to bring about criticism? 

I kept wondering, how does he breathe?  I hope he didn't eat any bean burritos before the flight.  Not trying to be funny, but my goodness!

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This is what you get when you have unsubstantiated superstitions running your life.  Beyond stupid!

They may be highly educated Rabbi's but I equate them with those who won't step on cracks or walk under ladders.  I see people with face masks flying during flu season but this head to toe bag is beyond weird.

I like what one person said: "Sometimes religion and mental illness becomes indistinguishable..."

Properly packaged, he could be shipped as cargo.  Much less hassle, and probably not much less comfortable than current airplane seats.

But really, isn't  this the airlines fault?  If they would just seal the entire airplane in a gigantic Zip-Lock, then the poor rabbi would not have to suffer the indignity.

Happy to please you Matthew.  

What could be sillier than a grown man covering himself head to toe in a hefty bag so he can take an airplane ride without exposing himself to foul vapors and cooties?

I first saw the photo of this man in the plastic bag without the accompanying article and text.  My first reaction was that some unlucky traveler died mid-flight and was placed inside a plastic bag to avoid leakage of body fluids.  

As a flight attendant, we have procedures for handling a death in flight.  (Luckily that has never happened to me.)  When all is said and done, the final action is to buckle the person into the passenger seat and cover them with a blanket.  Other passengers in the same row are to be moved to other seats, even if it means doubling-up on a completely full flight.  

To be honest, I think I'd rather sit next to a dead body under a blanket than next to an alive nutcase inside a plastic bag.   

At least the dead body wouldn't be bugging their neighbor with silly conversation. 

Leaking body fluids....  yuck.  

I was under the impression that those rabbis who worry about flying over cemeteries (when El Al, the Israeli airline said they wouldn't change flight patterns to avoid the practice) had taken to the practice of adding aluminum foil (the little bit of extra protection) under their seats.  My guess is that he is just as afraid of accidentally touching those vagina carrying objects that make men unpure.

Here's another odd story.  These same ultra-orthodox women shave their heads upon marriage.  This is to keep them from  being attractive to men.   To cover their baldness in public, they wear wigs. 

Because these ultra orthodox men don't work, they live on a government stipend that they are paid so that they can study Torah all day.  This means that money for essentials is scarce.  So many of these women took to making wigs to sell.  They bought the hair from India and made the wigs in their homes.

Apparently, one day, while the husbands were studying Torah, they began discussing the hair that was being used in the making of wigs. It occurred to them that the hair came from pagans and idol worshippers, so the head that grew the hair is obviously traif (unclean).  This put the women who were providing food and clothes for their families out of work.  As women can't work outside the home, the whole family suffers horribly.  Still, it's considered a mitzvah (blessing from god) for her to allow the husband who was chosen for her to have sex using her.

That God of Abraham could be laughed at if so many weren't being harmed by belief in it.

Oh great, the taxpayers pick up the tab for this stupidity!

I can see taxpayers footing the bill for genuine disability as a part of a national health care program.  However, there is NO WAY I can see ANY government being obliged to pay for or allow for someone's religious eccentricity!

I imagine it's Israel.  Can't picture that being in the US.  But one never knows.




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