Supposedly so he can avoid breathing in air from flying over cemeteries.  But that might be a cover for motivation not to be contaminated by people who are traveling with vaginas.  I know a smoke screen when I see one.  Maybe.  Which motivation is most likely to bring about criticism? 

I kept wondering, how does he breathe?  I hope he didn't eat any bean burritos before the flight.  Not trying to be funny, but my goodness!

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I can see taxpayers footing the bill for genuine disability as a part of a national health care program.  However, there is NO WAY I can see ANY government being obliged to pay for or allow for someone's religious eccentricity!

I'm wondering if Gail is referring to Israel, and not the US. If so, it's their government and tax money, and they can do what they want with it. Including paying people to read holy books and fly in plastic bags if that's what floats their boat. If, on the other hand, it's the US, then I have a major problem!

I imagine it's Israel.  Can't picture that being in the US.  But one never knows.

So sorry for not being complete.  This is in Israel, not in USA

The perfect example of how religion makes you stupid.

Go ahead, be funny.

I think its a great idea!

I think they should all be encouraged to wear those bags, just make sure the flights are long and the bags are properly hermetically sealed.


You know what is crazy?  the woman reporter was thinking about him needing to breath and go to bathroom and things like that.... she siad I just trying to think of logistics...  haha..  religion... logic...religion.. logic... hmmmm.....




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