Having some free time on their hands a news crew over in Jerusalem decided to film some human interest stories. They wandered over towards the Wailing Wall and asked some of the people there if they knew of anything or anyone that might benefit from the exposure on the US news. Without hesitation they all pointed to an old rabbi praying at the wall.

"That's Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda.  He has been a daily fixture at this wall for as long as anyone of us can remember and today is his 100th birthday."

The news crew was ecstatic; this would the perfect piece.  They set up shop near the Rabbi and waited until he was done praying.  Finished, the old rabbi turned and started walking back to his home.  The interviewer rushed up to him and said, "Rabbi, we heard today was your 100th birthday.  Happy Birthday from me and the crew and we'd like to interview you for US television on such a important date in your life."

"Thank you for your kind words", said the Rabbi, "How could I turn down such a polite request from such a nice young man?  By all means."

"The people we spoke to said you come here everyday to pray.  Is this true?", the interviewer asked.

"Yes", said the rabbi. "When I was young I made a promise to god that I would pray everyday for three things:  world peace, an end to disease and suffering and that every child's life, no matter what religion, should be filled with happiness.  I know the joy in my own life from such blessings and wish this for all, no matter who they be. Each day I have prayed hoping to see my prayers answered before I die"

The interviewer, his voice cracking from emotion and his eyes tearing up, said, "That is the most beautiful prayer that I have ever heard. And on your 100th birthday, having come here everyday with such a beautiful and selfless prayer, what have you learned regarding the power of god and prayer after all these years that you can relate to all who will be watching this?"

The old rabbi looked down at the ground, obviously deep in thought.  The interviewer, the news crew and all the spectators waited breathlessly for the Rabbi's words of wisdom.  Finally, the rabbi raised his eyes and looked into the camera.

"Meh!", he said, with a disgusted look on his face. "I might as well have been talking to a fucking wall!"

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