You know the old saying: "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will go to the mountain".

I think that's what the far right in Government (who are for the most part ultra-fundamentalist Christian), and those citizens who follow them, who also for the most part are ultra-fundamentalist Christian are saying, if only unconsciously. What I mean is that they are saying: "If the Apocalypse won't come to us, then we will go to (i.e., bring about) the Apocalypse".

These people believe the shit in the Bible about the end of the world. It hasn't happened, despite nearly every year since the earliest days of Christianity, someone comes up with a new date for the End. The Christians are in a perpetual state of disappointment that Jesus hasn't come yet, and the most extreme among them, such as our Government's far right branch, are desperate for it, enough so, that they would gladly set it in motion themselves. 

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That seems right, Tony. What happened here is the myth they created to explain why Jesus had not returned in the time of the apostles. It can plainly be seen by scripture that this is what was meant. Well, he did not return. This would end the matter entirely unless we want to make this returning some "apocalyptical" future event. BTW, the original meaning of "apocalypse" is "an uncovering, or a disclosure of knowledge", not a lot of noise and big battles. The writer of Revelation was going to extremes to reveal something to people of his time, but explaining that everything would be OK if they could just hold out to the end.

Modern fundy writers and preachers have highjacked Jesus' return into an early misunderstanding, then made the book of Revelation "futuristic" and writing many books about it all along the way. They want this event to happen their way! If it does not happen they will all look like fools, so it has to happen! I have no doubt that some right wing fundamentalist would "launch the nukes" if he was in a position of power to do so and he thought the conditions were right, just to kick off this great event and make Jesus show himself. I really think they believe it that much. This is scary.

The only thing close to this and not much understood by Americans is the Islamic suicide bomber. Both sides here have a lot in common and neither of them need to get atomic or nuclear weapons. The "paradise" that you think you will usher in is simply the beginning of destruction for us all.

God is imaginary!

Escapism is a dangerous tool used by the religious, the politicians, and everyday people.

Reality is scary, and to know there is even the slightest of possibilities you might have everything suddenly just stop, thus removing your current stress of burdens is enticing. That is why so many desperately cling to the ridiculous idea that an apocalypse is a good thing in religious circles. You also have the political armageddonists who insist that we need to take down our government and "start over". Which is hilarious. They seem to think that our country is above civil war for some reason.....that somehow, we will all magically agree on a new set of rules and change how things work.

Laughable stuff. I keep reminding my religious and politically religious friends that they shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water. Our founding fathers didn't.




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