Let me be absolutely, unequivocally clear: if you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. After today's press conference, there is no alternative conclusion. If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist.

If you work for Donald Trump, you are a racist. I'm talking to you John Kelly, Sarah Sanders, Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, and the rest of you working in the White House or the administration. If you continue to work for Donald Trump, you are a racist.

If you are in Congress and you don't support impeachment, you are a racist. Under the Constitution, the House has wide latitude for determining cause for impeachment. Personally, I believe there is enough to prove obstruction of justice, especially since Congress is not bound to the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

America fought the Civil War, in part, to abolish slavery. America fought World War II, in part, to eliminate nazi control over Europe. America must not soil that history by allowing a racist to serve as president of our United States. If you are in Congress and you don't support impeachment, you are a racist.

If you voted for Donald Trump and he is still your president, you are a racist. If you are a racist, you are far more representative of America's past than you are its future. If you are not a part of America's future, you will stay in America's past. By staying in America's past, you will become even more marginalized. As you become even more marginalized, you will once again blame others for your problems. But you need to know that racism and racist are not part of our America.

No matter how many rallies you hold. No matter how many hateful slogans you chant. No matter how many people you beat. No matter how many people you kill. You will not return America to its racist past. You will not stop progress. America rejects racism. America rejects racists. America rejects you.

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Thanks for the great article AND the link to TPM.

I agree that he is a racist against people of color. I did not vote for Trump and would like to see him gone. However, I find your post to be a bit too absolutist. You leave no room for grey areas. Life rarely comes in such stark black and white form.

For some of Trump's supporters racism is not the paramount issue; instead it is economic opportunity.  So while one can hardly have missed Trump's bigotry/racism some of his supporters acting out of self-interest believed that their financial future would be better served with Trump as prez. 

In terms of those in his administration some may actually feel greater exigency in having egalitarian/anti-racists in power lest the entire administration is populated by racists.  So these folks are not giving tacit approval of racism. Nope, they are the vigilant watchdogs in power. 

   "I know President Trump and his heart," Cohen told Business Insider. "He is a good man and doesn't have a racist bone in his body."

Michael Cohen August,16

This article articulates the way white people's perception of their personal economics has been manipulated by white elites. It's a clever mind trick, getting people to support the class which causes their poverty - getting supporters to think they're acting out of self-interest, while the policies being supported do exactly the opposite.

I welcome you to express these sentiments in letters to your legislators, and please share them in Writing to Congress as well. 

This is just bullying and shaming.  "You're a racist" because alskdjflaksdjfalsdjkfalskdjf is the new McCarthyism.  I call bullshit.  Millions of people voted for and supported Trump (I didn't) for a variety of reasons.  Border control and security does not equal racism.  America first economic policies (I'm not saying Trump has done these things, done them well, or can spell "economic" that's not my point) and a distrust of globalization does not equal racism.  Concern over radical Islamism does not equal racism. 

But it makes us feel virtuous to hold up our head and let everyone know, hey, I'M NOT RACIST like those other assholes all around me, most of whom voted for Obama, so go slay those imaginary dragons, Jonathan you go boy.

Very well put, Jonathan. I agree 100% but not everyone does. So many today think they "have a right" to be an American Nazi. How could there be such a thing if you truly believe in what America stands for? Spread this belief out into areas of the KKK, white supremacy, and so on to find very confused Americans.

Many have asked me how I will feel when the time comes that the white race is a minority. They are surprised to hear me say I will feel much the same as I do now. Do we have a "white race?" Maybe we are "chalk causions." Are we past the time of becoming a minority, or is it just around the corner? Who really cares? Some people think that after 12 years of marriage to a woman from Kenya that I must "hate her" now that we are divorced. Why? You have to watch others or they will put words in your mouth and thoughts in your head. America has "racists unawares."

I do know one thing. The slogan on the bumper sticker was wrong. It should read along the lines of staying with Trump  and you will "Make America White Again." I cannot support this or be proud of this. Sorry. It's not my style.

...If I was asked the question, "how I will feel when the time comes that the white race is a minority." my reply will be, " I am already a minority. "



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