The climate change movement for 30 years focused on a small frame, like this problem needs to be fixed. NGOs, letters to politicians, and marches from point A to point B worked somewhat for these small issues. <sigh> However 30 years of such activism has completely failed to stop emissions rising, and we have only about a decade to transform economics and politics to prevent human self-extermination.

Glaciers and Arctic ice are vanishing. Time to get radical before i...

Why Public Disruption is Necessary - Extinction Rebellion

Why International Rebellion? - Extinction Rebellion

Consider two approaches to understand our situation.

Intellectual Understanding

Roger Hallan explains how Extinction Rebellion arose from academics and activists studying this 30 year failure. They studied psychology, political science, political theory, the sociology of revolution, etc. to figure out why traditional activism failed, and what the best option for action would be.

Traditional campaigning, the emailing, sending a check to Greenpeace, all that sort of stuff, A to B marches,  great if you’ve got a little issue, but it’s not going to do the business when you’re dealing with entrenched power. Basically means the rich and powerful are making too much money out of sending the next generation to their death and so they’re not going to stop unless something dramatic happens. [emphasis mine]

They found there are only three options for large scale change:

(1) Traditional campaigning (which failed),

(2) Violence (which destroys democracy, leads to civil war and is “beyond bad”), and

(3) Mass participation civil disobedience.

That means thousands of people peacefully breaking the law. Many different people, different backgrounds, young and old, many different cultures, come together with a single cause in mind. They go out and break the law together in civil disobedience to make sure that change actually happens.

The goals of Extinction Rebellion are:  disrupt the public, have this debate, and let’s see some major transformation.

Emotional Understanding

Roger Hallam

Everything in this video does not make sense unless you understand the science emotionally, and worked through the science. Not like some superficial, “Yeah yeah climate change is a problem.” It’s more like, “I am shitting myself.” There’s going to be massive starvation in a couple of years and it’s fucking scary. So there’s an emergency. Bear in mind how serious this is, it’s off the scale.

Recall that the UN predicted massive starvation would begin in 2024. We’re not talking about the kind of food crises we’ve had in the past. Humanity faces the beginning of a permanent new global regime where global food resources continually dwindle - acidified overheated oceans without coral reef fish nurseries, drought and flood in crop regions, wild swings of weather killing livestock and crops, etc.

“The other thing is respectfulness.” We’re not here to judge the public. We’re saying this is physics and biology. If you don’t stop using fossil fuels you are going to suffer and die. This isn’t left wing or right wing politics, our entire countries are at risk. “Is the legacy of this generation going to be the destruction of the next generation?”

Bill McKibben

…  no one should be shocked when Extinction Rebellion activists engage in mass civil disobedience. No one should be annoyed when school kids start leaving class en masse. No one should be surprised that Green New Deal advocates are now calling for dramatic overhaul of American society. In fact we should be deeply grateful: these activists, and the scientists producing these reports, are the only people on the planet who seem to understand the scale of the problem.

The respectable have punted; so now it’s up to the scruffy, the young, the marginal, the angry to do the necessary work. Their discipline and good humor and profound nonviolence are remarkable, from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Greta Thunberg. They are what’s left of our fighting chance. [emphasis mine]


image sources: AOC (the Guardian article), Hallam, text from article

Note: Quotes from Hallam videos may have minor transcription errors

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We’re saying this is physics and biology.

Which the average person doesn't understand because they haven't been taught what those things are or mean.  We have either failed to educate most of the population of this country or people simply cannot be bothered with such details because they are too much wrapped up in their own lives to be bothered.  By the time it takes e. e. cummings "bit of the old sixth avenue el" upside their heads to get them to believe it, it will be too late.

Radical situations require radical solutions ... and pardon my bluntness, but I don't think we're up to the task.

Last chance?

Ruth, natural selection will go on doing its thing ! ! !


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